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Quote: Originally Posted by crayolaab I'vebeen thinking about a big thermos, or something - that I can drink out of for awhile. I like the idea of one that has the "cup" that acts as the lid - but when you have the lid off using it as a cup, is the thermos still insulating the beverage?? I have this: http://www.stanley-pmi.com/shop/prod...px?ProductID=5 I used to bring a thermos often and after a while they wouldn't hold heat as well...
Yes the garage sale stuff is all in one place. However in the process of decluttering, the inside of my house looks disasterous. It looked good before we started sorting and that's what feels overwhelming. Nothing will come back into the house a truck is coming by to pick up the leftovers. Thanks for the reminders - this is temporary, and if all goes well I'll have some $$$ to show for it. Hey maybe I'll bring in a cleaning lady with the proceeds to help me...
Quote: Originally Posted by ashleyhaugh yep, the ikea bags are at the checkout. theyre like the huge yellow ones that you can use when walking through the store, but theyre blue.... at least they were in germany. they only cost us about 50 euro cents I was at one in IL last week they were right at the checkout and only .59 US. One other thing, if your going back to IKEA to use them, you may want to mark them somehow. One lady had a little bit...
Thanks. Just heard from my sister in day care and she said the freeze with the ice cube and then scrape it works best. Here's hoping - its such a pretty rug I'd had a green blob of putty in the middle of the beige part.
We've eaten out 2 times this week but the rest of my meals have been from my freezer or pantry. Compared to March's grocery bills, I've saved $395 and I still have a fair amount to get rid of - another $395 and maybe I can treat myself to something fun.
Will you be in city of Denver of a suburb nearby?
They bag here at almost every store even with my own bags. Even though sometimes its not as I'd like, I know it is job security for some of these folks so I always let them.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamama Scrape it very gingerly with a sharp razor blade. Good luck I hate silly putty for this very reason! It is almost impossible to get out. Yeah! Not a fan, it was an Easter basket item and won't be repeated!
Quote: Originally Posted by Selesai Does Sbx really own Seattle's Best? I would be really disappointed if that were true. Sad but true: http://www.seattlesbest.com/About/release.aspx?ID=1 They also own Tazo Tea.
Any tips on getting this out? I'm afraid to even try but know I need to attempt to get most of it out. I got a large portion up but there is some nestled into the fibers. It is a thin persian rug so I can't try to cut at it too well. Thanks for any advice.
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