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We have a 2 story and a finished basement. DS's toys are in the basement and his art easle, table, etc are in the family room. Only books & stuffed animals are in his bedroom. We are possibly going to have someone stay in our basement so basically toys would come up to the family room, and we'll still keep bedroom to books and animals. We've rarely had sleep issues or "battles" I think because he doesn't think about his bedroom other than sleeping.
Hey: I was making rice last night and wondered if you could make oatmeal. So has anyone used a rice cooker for oatmeal? How is it and how did you make it?
Got mead is a great site so is: http://www.honeywine.com/ We brew beer and wine, and are going to soon do a mead to give it a whirl. You can even get all organic ingredients. We drink our brew often enough that we don't need preservatives for the wine. It is a fun process and a great way to have friends over for a few hours.
We are gearing up for a huge garage sale this weekend. I'm getting frustrated and overwhelmed though. Our pile to sell is literally 12ft x 14 ft. and 6 ft. high. Our cars will not fit into the garage since we're selling so much. I'm thrilled about that and glad at that progress. I'm overwhelmed because pre-sorting for garage sale my house was in good order. We've gone through every room and closet and now I feel like a cyclone has come through and need to...
I'm going to adopt what my sister used to do. She would get 2 big 30 gallon plastic totes. One she would keep for each school year and all projects for the first 1/2 of the year everything would go in it. Over Christmas break they went through it and kept 10 things. She took pictures of other things she liked, and if there was something really worth keeping she would put it aside to use in a scrapbook or display later in life. She'd do the same for the 2nd 1/2...
I go in cycles. Sometimes I do it sometimes I don't. A lot depends on the rest of my house. When I'm in great housekeeping mode all of it gets done including my bed.
I found them at ACE hardware. If you are near any Amish communities, they often have stores that carry them for a lot less.
We have a Chase but are going to switch back to an REI. REI switched companies recently and its a gret deal. 1% back on everything, 5% on REI plus the member rebate. No annual fee, automatic payment.
I don't have a daily commute but we monthly do trips over 2 1/2 hours one way & in the summer travel often over 12 hours. We do spend a lot of time in our car even for errands. It has been a struggle for me to get my car in order. Tried MANY things. The thing that is working for me now is: Mat under car seat. Helps w/ snack messes, etc. I shake it out & saves on vacuuming. Tried a towel, slips too much under the seat. A plastic tote 12x18 w/lid for toys. Sits...
Quote: Originally Posted by KariAnn Okay, I slipped off of the wagon. I heard about a great deal for a one year subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine. $2.97! That hardly counts, right?! Doesn't count if you share how we can get the same deal
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