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Quote: Originally Posted by beanma no big deal here. in fact at dd1's crunchyish private school the kids (girls and boys) often strip half-nekkid for outdoor time on hot days. they're so excited about it, too! ditto that, and I'm SO happy to be a part of a parent community where people don't oversexualize the behavior of small children.
Plant a garden! Recently I invited my boys to paint on the porch. I meant paint on paper while on the porch, they thought I meant apply paint to the porch. Why not? It kept them busy/happy and we now have a very colorful and fun porch.
3 kids here, never owned a sleep positioner, no regrets. I'd skip it. In general, there's not much you *need* for a baby. And anything you do discover you need, you can get when you need it. The emphasis on being "prepared" is fueled by people who want to sell things.
LOL. My DH swore that DS3's poop smelled exactly like peanut butter one day last week. The mysterious guts of 5 month olds!
Easy? A pouch sling. Hotslings are one brand of pouch that I really like, and they're even available in Target now. I also really like mei tais - they have a snuggly two-shoulder fit but without the bulk and steeper learning curve of a wrap like the Moby. Both types of carriers can be used well beyond infancy.
I just saw that you also posted about needing a sling, which is exactly what I was going to recommend! Being able to wear your baby makes taking care of the tasks of daily living much easier. At 3 weeks, I wouldn't expect things to feel "normal" yet. I'm impressed that you're getting laundry folded. You will eventually figure out what works for you to get meals done - maybe that means cooking with DH when he gets home and eating later. Maybe you could cook and...
Quote: Originally Posted by doulakris Thanks for everyone's ideas! Has anyone seen the book "I Watched My Brother Being Born" by Anne and Katarina Vondruska? Yes, and I hated it. I thought it was overscripted and overedited. I posted about it on a thread last year: Quote: I have one anti-recommendation, too. My MW had recently gotten a copy of "I watched my brother being born!" and she thought it seemed sortof odd and asked me to...
I agree with watering it down - and to add to that, if you and DH drink juice, can you water your own down? That way the kids see you being consistent about applying the same health standards to yourself that you do to them. With my 5 y/o we talk a lot about how our bodies need water, and that while juice is a tasty treat, our bodies need us to drink mostly water. I also try to have plain water readily available to them all the time to encourage self-regulation with...
I am not a mama of many, I'm a mama of 3, like you. My boys are 5, almost-3, and 5 mos. So I feel you!!! Quote: Originally Posted by transformed My dh told me the other day that I am the only SAHM he knows who doesnt keep the house clean. That, right there, is the thing I think you need to address. Not the clean house, so much, although I know it's nicer to have a clean house. Your DH's attitude is what I mean. My house is also scrungy at...
Runa's Birth is the other book a PP was referring to. The illustrations have many wonderful details. We also enjoyed Welcome with Love. Books are a great way to discuss the impending birth of a sibling, and when the family is planning a homebirth, I think it's only natural to want the books you read to show that type of setting, whether or not the children will be present for the birth.
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