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In defense of docs...there's a TON of information that they "should" keep up with. No one person can possibly read every study, be aware of every book. I think it's very understandable that many MDs are unaware of Hale's book. It's up to those of us who *are* aware of it to raise their awareness. What forms of information can we assume most/all docs DO receive, and how do we get this information into that space? One idea: why not start a letter-writing campaign to the...
My 5 y/o talks incessantly. He can go on and on and on and on about just about anything. I think it's karma biting me in the butt - I do exactly the same thing. I feel really sorry for my poor DH now!
I try to describe what I see, rather than label it (or the child) as good or bad or nice, etc. Yeah, that's right, I'm drinkin' the Alfie Kool-Aid. Examples: You did it! Wow! I saw you climb ALL THE WAY to the TOP! This room is SO CLEAN, and now we have room to play (whatever game)!! Thank you for helping me set the table, sort the laundry, etc. You look really excited! You look very proud of yourself! Do you feel SO HAPPY? That's the first time you ever did ___! You...
Not at all. I can understand how a homebirth might help a mother to feel empowered to have a more satisfactory hospital birth. For me, homebirthing was a giant validation of all the things I'd been saying about my first two births and the way that I was medically managed *despite* being educated and aware. Two big things for me: 1. The environment of home vs. hospital is fundamentally different, and the movement from one to the other is something I would not choose...
Enjoy!!! Our DS3 is also a much more laid-back, content baby than his older brothers were. It's very nice!!
My sons were all around 7 lbs when they were born. The 0-3 mos clothing was so HUGE on DS1 that I bought a few preemie/newborn pieces for DS2 and DS3. The Gymboree ones fit them for the first 2-3 weeks. I would just make sure to get pieces that are as soft as possible and can be unsnapped all the way from neck to crotch/leg - some of their tiny pieces are ridiculously hard to get onto a baby's body and seem like they're more for show than for function.
That book looks very interesting and exactly what I've been looking for for myself, so thanks for the link! I previewed the Questia version and it does look like the entire book is there, but you have to have a subscription to view it. I'm going to see if my library has a hard copy.
Somebody mentioned reusing veggie bags - did you know you can use cloth for that, too? I started using mine about a year ago and love them. At first I'd still get plastic for wiltable items, but now I put them in cloth and when I get home, I prep them and put them in glass containers in the fridge, and they're ready to eat or cook.
We don't use pods, but I do compost coffee in paper filters, and unbroken tea bags. The tea bags break down. Save yourself the effort!
You are NOT a wimp! Healing tears really can hurt terribly, and it's a very different sort of pain from labor. My body rejected sutures after DS1 and DS2. With DS1 I did end up having *one* stitch put in to bring the sides of the episiotomy/tear together to help healing. That was at least a week after the birth. Total healing time was over 6 weeks. With DS2 the tear was in a place that would come together more easily and I told the OB not to bother with new...
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