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3 breastfed kiddos here, and I had different breast symptoms with each pregnancy. #1: sore nipples around time of implantation, fullness after that but no more soreness #2: no symptoms until end of 1st trimester, then really really painfully sensitive nipples (I was still BFing DS1) #3: no breast symptoms at all (and was still BFing DS2)
Quote: Originally Posted by Ks Mama NO!!! That's a giant no, for normal cases. A product like this could make a new mom crazy. I have an acquaintance who has one - I'd never seen or heard of it until she brought it out. She and some other very non-AP new mamas are all very taken with it but I failed to see how it was necessary or even helpful. I've managed to feed, clothe, diaper, etc three children by being in tune with my children, not...
Love it! I can completely see my 5 y/o thinking your DD's name was chicken. Too funny!
It might not be hunger, it could just be her own sleeping patterns/needs, or a need for connection. Every baby is different, so this could just be normal for her, even though your DD1 slept longer at this age. DS1 night weaned at 15 mos. DS2 didn't completely night wean until closer to age 2. Your subject heading mentioned transitioning her to her own bed. We started that by putting the baby in their own bed at the beginning of the night and then bringing them to bed...
I noticed what looked like a rash on the back of DS3's neck the other day, same location as you're describing. Then I realized that his nails were really long and he's been doing this thing lately where he reaches back and scratches his head or grabs his hair. I'm pretty sure he nicked himself. I cut his nails and whattaya know, the "rash" is healing up.
I love the phrase and keep thinking about it a lot lately. It's exactly the sort of parenting that my 2 y/o needs right now but I'm having a hard time with it because so often I *am* quite literally on my butt, nursing a baby. I don't find the idea offensive but I think it's the kind of phrase that should be introduced to somebody gently. A parent asking for advice might not realize that it's a commonly used phrase and might think they're being told to get off their...
Well, the thing is, most GD isn't that cut and dried. Most GD "methods" are based on knowing and responding to your own child, so I'd actually be cautious about books that say "when A happens, do B". Many of the books that give a specific way of doing things are not very respectful of children, so not truly GD, IMO. This forum is actually a great place to look for ideas for ways to phrase things and solutions to various situations. Search for a key word in your...
No forced cosmetic body alteration for any of my children. I have 3 genitally intact sons. If, in the future, they want to modify their bodies, that will be their choice.
- legs crossed on floor or beds, with or without pillow under my elbow under his head - legs up on an ottoman while sitting on sofa, with a throw pillow tucked over my hip/under my elbow - side lying in bed - walking around, cradle hold
First signs are usually around the same time as first words or a little bit earlier, since hand signs are easier to coordinate than the vocal apparatus for spoken words. Think of it this way: cognitively, a word is a word. If they don't yet have the cognitive skills to express a word, they won't express it in signed form or spoken form. DS1 and DS2 both spoke and signed their first words around 12 mos.
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