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I end up rotating through several different types, and I concur about Tom's of Maine that others have noted...it works for one day then it cranks up my natural stink BIG TIME!  Crystal stone works for a while then foop!  Stops working.  So I keep doggedly rotating through my stuff, then buy a few more to mix into the rotation, and keep going from there.  Someday I will find my Holy Grail of natural deos, until then, I'll just keep spining the wheel.  :)
I'm going to have to agree that while I *love* patchouli, for some reason LOTS of people find it offensive.  Most of them comment by asking if I'm wearing patchouli, and then tell me they hate it.  (Really?  I don't even know you!)   For whatever reason, patchouli is definitely a polarizer.   Sorry for the embarrassment, it may be that you don't smell at all, but people are mistaking the patchouli for offensive odor, as one PP noted.
to OP: I have no words of wisdom, but my friends and I laugh at this little saying of mine: "Every day I wake up, determined to be the perfect mother, and every night I go to bed, sure I'm going to hell for being such a bad mom." Being a mom is really, really, REALLY hard. Did I mention how hard it is? DANG it's hard. s
I usually wear skirts when I go into town (shopping, church, with DH, etc.) Usually yoga pants and shirts at home, although when it gets "hot" (I live in north Idaho ) I'll wear skirts and dresses more, they're cooler! I also snowboard and dirtbike; those are two sports you do NOT wear skirts in. I've seen a few skiers (likely Mennonites) that ski in skirts, but I think trying to snowboard in a skirt would be BEYOND immodest (thinks of a few bails I've taken where...
Quote: Originally Posted by InMediasRes Just to clarify, Limbo and Purgatory were never the same place. Limbo is a place of bliss, but unconnected with God, and Purgatory is a place of cleansing before entering into Heaven. The Vatican never clearly defined a doctrine on what happens to unbaptized babies. From the Catechism: The idea of God has really changed from a fire-and-brimstone type to a loving and merciful God since VII. That's why...
I know for some with sensitive skin, witch hazel works very well. Put it on last; like right before you put on your clothes. Sometimes (if you shave), deo + water + shaven armpits = irritation. There's loads of natural deodorants on the internet; I only wish I had to money to buy & try them all!
I have 11ds, 6dd, 4dd, and 10 mo dd. Life is crazy. Unfortunately, no advice, just hugs. We'll get through it...somehow..
ZOMG I am laughing, i thought I was only one to use my feet to restrain a baby who doesn't want to be changed. I (carefully) use this technique on my 7 month old, who prefers to roll around - everywhere - no matter what's on her butt (diaper, no diaper, loaded with poop, loaded with diaper rash stuff). I usually give her the "one special toy" to play with while I change her, which is ONLY for diaper changing, but if she doesn't want it, out come the feet! I think I'm...
I usually wear cotton bras because nylon makes me sweat. When I'm at home, I wear an old nursing bra, mainly because the feel of my hooters slapping against my chest is uncomfortable (I'm a 36DD). I usually don't wear a bra to bed, but most of the time, I use the bra just keep the boobies from rubbing my ribs.
LOL I am so with you. We had something similar happen but it was with Christmas Eve. Every year we'd go to MIL's house for Christmas. DH's grandmother was supposed to be there at 4, we'd open presents around 6, and go home around 8. Well, every year, it got later and later. and Grandma set the pace of when we'd eat, open presents, etc. The last year we were there, DS was 5 and DD was 5 mos. Grandma showed up at 8, we ate dinner at 11, and didn't open presents until...
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