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I consented. Several years ago, I had an HIV scare after a questionable incident in a hospital overseas. I tested negative at the time, but wanted confirmation. I suppose I could have gone to a confidential testing facility (?), but as the tests were included with one stick (and covered by insurance), it seemed the most practical. Apart from that, there's no chance of HIV, or any STD. That said, if anything came out positive, I would re-test like crazy before beginning...
I started as a nice, respectable 34B. I'm now a D, and the lovely underwire that fit so well last week will probably be replaced soon by a DD. Never did I expect to be that size! Did I mention I'm only 9 weeks pregnant?
Quote: Originally Posted by mommiska if you haven't already, please do come down to the Case Against Circumcision board - lots of very important information there for parents-to-be. Thanks, I definitely will. I've decided circumcision isn't something I would ever do to our boys, but my husband is convinced he should "look like the other kids in the locker room." As we'd planned to adopt (slightly older children), I didn't think it would be an...
At 9 weeks, I've gained about 2 pounds. Odd, because there's already a bit of a belly, and I swear my hips are wider.
Another late arrival. Can you add me too? EDD 11/19, baby #1 -Joy
First baby, due November 19. Hoping for a homebirth.
I began lurking the moment I found out I was pregnant (a big surprise!), and figured it was time to post, as I've been so encouraged by the discussions here. I'm due in November with my first, and hoping for a midwife-assisted homebirth. In the meantime, I've been reading all the AP, breastfeeding, and natural childbirth books I can get my hands on. My husband and I live in Denver, but we'll be moving back home to Los Angeles in several months. At 4 or 5 months...
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