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I'd also like to get my Mr. a straight razor, with a shaving brush to lather things up. We're vegan too, so nothing made of animal hair. Any ideas?
I had a terrible time with BS also. My hair is fairly thick, and I followed the no-poo directions exactly, then made adjustments over and over. No matter what, dry ends, greasy scalp. Then I shifted my thinking from, "my roots are so oily," to "the oil is there for a reason, and I need to distribute it properly." I started doing daily scalp massages: flip head upside down, rub scalp for 2 minutes, "pull" the oil down the first 2" of hair, rub scalp again, distribute over...
I no-poo'd for a long time (maybe a year) with BS and ACV, with pretty awful results. It felt really stripping and invasive, but I still looked greasy. Then I switched to conditioner only (just on the scalp), once or twice weekly, with daily scalp massages. That has made all the difference in the world. My hair seems to grow faster, and the scalp massages distribute the oils down the length of the hair. It's very shiny and healthy, and I love it. DD has only been...
That's wonderful news! Congratulations, and wishing you a peaceful pregnancy and birth!
Quote: Originally Posted by ElaynesMom Besides being MIC, not the greatest quality (paint chipping badly, etc) there were recently some recalls in Canada (Aug. 2008 and Sept. 2008) because a couple Melissa and Doug toys were found to have barium in their paint. Some forms of barium are used safely in medical testing, while other forms can be highly toxic and are even sometimes used in rat poison. I just don't want to risk...
Costco has NSF (commercial grade/restaurant quality) metal shelving that's easy to assemble and looks decent. It's about 6' high and 5' across, with 4 sturdy shelves. At $100 each, we're using 3 of them to cover the walls of our basement, and it creates a huge amount of storage.
I don't know about alternatives to dryer sheets, but have you tried Method Dryer Sheets? They are completely nontoxic, biodegradable, and the only dryer sheets that don't contain beef tallow. We really like them (it's very dry here, too!).
I've been following the other threads, and just caught up with this one. We just bought a new house, and usually purchase purified water to drink. Do you think a whole-home water filtration system would be a good idea? I've been looking at this one: http://www.purewaterexpress.com/wholehouse.htm#1 Expensive, but do you think it would be useful in these situations?
There is a very big difference between leaving part of a carseat unfastened for a short period of time and leaving your child in a car for eight hours to die. I can't bring myself to feel compassion for this woman; I'm reserving my sympathy for her daughter, who died a horrible, horrible death as a direct result of her negligence.
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