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Quote: Originally Posted by stafl AnnaReilly - wouldn't that be multiple gods, both male and female? It's ok if you don't think so. But that's sort of what I meant when I put that option there. Not really because I don't really believe that there ARE multiple gods, but that there are multiple manifestations of "God." I'm not a polytheist, but a pantheist. Sort of like the difference between believing that the Christian trinity is three...
Quote: Originally Posted by Meiri As a pantheist I believe the Divine permeates the Universe, no "person" as such to call one God/Goddess or multiply Gods/Goddesses. Ditto. I chose "other." I believe in a multi-facetted divine force with both male and female entities.
I hear ya!!! I had my first at age 21 and this one will be born when I'm 24. I also look younger but feel older than I am. To add to the fun, I had to have my wedding ring cut into two pieces and removed when I was 6 months pg with DD and didn't get it fixed until she was 6 months old. Looking young AND not wearing a ring got me TONS of grief. Then since I lost a lot of weight after I got the ring fixed it doesn't fit me anymore so I wear it on my middle finger until...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pynki I don't know how these women let their babies cry while rooting around for a nipple on their own.. I would just like to clarify this. In the information I have seen about letting babies self latch, and in my own personal experience with my daughter, the babies aren't crying. They aren't distressed at all. They are in that quiet alert stage just slowly rooting around. I really enjoyed letting my daughter latch...
Thanks for posting!
Wow.... I never ceases to amaze me that there are such ignorant doctors.
Lack of symptoms DOESN'T mean a miscarriage. It just means you're lucky! I'm sure everything will be fine. You could always call your care provider and talk to them though. Maybe they can squeeze you in and pick up the heartbeat to reassure you.
:infant: Just bumping this up in case anyone else was interested.
Here's the link This article is in response to that awful anti-NIP article, and general anti-NIP attitudes. Here is a link to tell CBC what you think of the article. And here is the link to the author's website where you can find an e-mail address to send her your praise.
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