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Ya got me! Actually I think that it has to do with how Christianity was used as a political tool to keep people in line in the middle ages. The State+Church combo was very powerful in getting people to do as they said since it wasn't just the king telling them XYZ it was a holy man in communication God. But if peasant people could figure out spiritual truths for themselves they wouldn't have to look to the political/religious leaders for answers and thus the...
Those are great Raven! I heard this one - although I have NO idea about the spelling - maybe you could help me out with that No le permitare illegitimati carborundum. Meaning: Don't let the b@st@rds grind you down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mona then she discovered the moon as we walked to the garden, and was so taken w/ it. she just kept looking at her. very exciting. My DD loves the moon! She always gets excited when we see the moon outside or depicted in books. It's so cool!!
Hello all! I didn't learn anything about hypnobirthing until after I had DD but I did do a lot of meditations and visualizing excercises about labor/birth. When I was actually in labor I went back to those excercises and withdrew into myself and was in a trance-like state. From what I've read of hypnobirthing since it sounds like what I was doing is similar so I'd like to look into it more for the next baby.
How scary!!! I had a similar scare a few weeks ago. I buckled DD into her car seat and drove to Target but when I got her out the car seat was kind of wobbly so I went to tighten up the seat belt and discovered that it wasn't buckled in at all! I felt like I was going to throw up - I was litterally shaking. DH had used the car and removed the car seat to get stuff into the back seat but when he put the car seat back in, he forgot to buckle it in. We had a nice talk...
I don't really care for the Celtic Cross (although I have used it a few times.) I do a lot of 3 card readings Past/Present/Future, Body/Mind/Soul, etc. My favorite spread though is an elemental/directional spread. I lay out four cards in North/Earth, East/Wind, South/Fire, West/Water pattern with one in the center representing Spirit.
Have you guys seen this one, the Zerner-Farber deck? I think it is SO beautiful! Do you do readings for others or do you just read for yourself? I've done a few readings for friends but I mostly read for myself. I've been thinking about joining the ATA and doing free readings through them just for some practice.
I have 3 decks... ~Art Nouveau Tarot (by Matt Meyers - there are two Art Nouveau tarot decks) ~Tarot of Mermaids ~Universal Waite My favorite is the Art Nouveau deck. The website http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ is a great one to look at different decks. Many "occult" stores also have samples of many decks that you can look at and the one I go to will open any deck they have in stock so that you can really get a feel for it. My favorite Tarot book is A Magical...
I really enjoy Tarot. I'd love to do readings for anyone who's interested or swap readings. PM me.
I have the statute protecting my right to nurse in my state memorized (145.405) so I would inform them of my legal rights and take down names and supervisors' info. I've never gotten more than a few dirty looks which is lucky for those on the other end... I will raise such hell if I'm ever asked to leave a place for nursing!
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