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Hi Ladies, Just wondering how you and your babies are doing...  Miekka is crawling all over, into everything, as she pulls herself to standing at every opportunity.  She's also really into food, though I'm being pretty restrictive with her- only whole, simple foods and no grains, no sweeteners except for stevia, no fruit except for banana/melon.  She's doing great with it all, my first baby didn't eat, so this is a whole new ballgame for me.  My hubby's still gone- he...
sigh. i think she must be growth spurting.  all she's doing is eating and sleeping.  my big baby is about to get bigger.
have you tried putting her on the potty at night?  my baby has to pee several times overnight or she can't sleep.  i'm consciously reducing nursing sessions all through the day and night, trying to push it back to 3 or 4 hours so that we can get big blocks at night.
miekka is 16.5.  bought her an outfit in town today at the second hand store as she peed through her clothes... 12 mo top and 18 mo pants.  some of the 24mo pants were definitely too small... and 3-6 mo- hahahaha, forget it.  big girl.  love her long squishiness.
miekka is a big girl.  90th percentile for weight, 98th percentile for height.  she's wearing size 2T training underwear and they fit just fine.  oh, and she is suddenly SO close to sitting unassisted...  crazy.
raw veggies are super hard to digest because of all the fiber.  we have a very low fruit household because my older daughter and i both have fructose malabsorption.  fruits have too much natural sugar in them (bananas are super high in glucose) and avocados are pretty allergenic.  cooking food in general reduces allergenicity.  i just really don't want to start off with foods that could cause SIBO from fructose malabsorption, or send her down the allergy highway.  btdt...
i gave miekka a chicken leg bone to chew on last night.  she's teething, and it seemed like the most natural thing i could come up with.  she loved it...   when she starts getting food, it will be broth, meat/bones, egg yolks, cooked veggies.  no fruit, nothing raw.  no grains until at least age 2, if ever.
chew chew chew.  frozen cloths are good for chewing...
hildare, she's got light brown hair- i think.  not enough of it to tell yet.
(wink) i'll start it off... here's miekka hanging out at the 3 month mark
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