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I am a peds RN but I can't give medical advice. I can explain that ranitidine is only one reflux med and there are many others to choose from. Prevacid is commonly given to my peds patients who suffer from GERD. It seems to work pretty well (my own DD and DH take it). I see Ranitidine given more to babies and Prevacid given more to kids older than 4 or so.  You might also look into her diet and see if you can make changes. Is her GERD worse at certain times of the day?...
((HUGS)) You can't fight genetics. But you can try to make this a very positive experience for her and break that cycle of feeling bad about puberty. I'm sure she knows other girls in her class who are also starting to develop. These days kids are developing sooner and she's probably not going to feel like an oddball. Do you know any of the other moms well enough to talk to them about it? Also, I think it's more normal for kids to start these things early than when we were...
haha! Your son is so observant!!  
Yes, and my kids too. ;-) I just bought the 7 in 1 shots from the farm supply store and gave my dogs their shots myself. I'm a nurse and this was easy to do for me, not to mention it was only $5.99 per dog. I still need to get their rabies shots at the clinic because it's a live virus and needs to be handled by a vet.
Just had Christmas with another part of the family last Sunday. My mom gave me a cute bag to take to work-- every kind of pocket a nurse would need to organize her stuff. And when I unfolded it all the way it had her name embroidered on it. She's a nurse, too. Also the kids got some *used* chapstick-- you know that kind for kids-- fun fruity flavors with characters on the wrappers. But they were opened and some were used. 
I saved a life early this morning. I'm a Peds nurse and I have never had to call a Code Blue before, but I did last night. My training kicked in and I was doing all the right things until the code team came and took over. The kid recovered by I am still recovering. LOL. Everyone should learn basic CPR-- it saves lives every day.
I work at a peds hospital. I routinely will donate unopened gifts to the toy closet on my unit. My dd's get a lot of puzzles and arts and craft kits and if they are not used within a few months-- or if they say they will never use them-- they get donated. My own gifts-- I just quietly donate or regift, explaining I got this as a christmas gift, do you want it? 
Thanks for replying! Interesting about the acupuncture. I will have to keep that in mind as an alternative treatment when she's older.The periactin seems to be working pretty well. Sometimes she has no headaches (usually in the morning) and by late afternoon the headache comes back but not very much according to dd. I'm sure the codeine would work well but I would be worried about giving it every day (she had daily headaches) and what that might do to her long-term brain...
No anesthesia, because the OTC stuff is not safe for birds, even topically. I soaked the foot for a long time in epson salts first and she really stayed calm through the whole thing. A vet could probably give better pain control or just knock them out during the procedure. 
My aunt (who is really a nice person) keeps thinking I am still a size 4, which I have not been for about 10 years. Every year she gives me a cute top that is in size 4 or size Small. This year I got a very nice workout pullover type thing that probably cost about $30 or more. At least it fits my 13 year old and she was happy to have it. 
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