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I am still struggling with them keeping the water clean. I have all the rest figured out. They either poop in the water, or when I put the water bottles in they think it's fun to peck at them and drain them all in 15 minutes. When I elevated the water containers on small bricks so they would not poop in it, they knocked them over instead. Any suggestions?
I watched my firstborn graduate to being a teenager. As of 6:08 AM. That is enough for one day!​
I have been told they are easier than chickens . . . . ask for some for Christmas. They would do just fine in a rabbit cage or hutch-- simple simple.
We have a $ limit on gifts and the kids are old enough to know it. It's very modest compared to most of our friends and neighbors. We try to focus on traditions instead.
 I hear you! When dd was 11, I tried to hint that he wasn't real by giving her a cultured pearl necklace instead of a toy from santa. She opened it and said, "Now I KNOW Santa is real! You would never get me something this nice!" 
My oldest is now 13. She is a smart, sensible girl who has questioned religion and God, but until I broke it to her last year she still believed in Santa. There were tears over it. I was surprised she still believed. Her sister who is 3 years younger had known for years that Santa was pretend, but was keeping quiet for the sake of her older sister!!  I regret letting it go on that long. I thought it was just a fun game, wink wink sort of thing. I still get presents from...
The toilet sprayer is awesome! :-)  (From a mom who cloth diapered both kids) But it's awfully cold if used as a bidet. 
  Yep, boiled, fried, scrambled and even used some (well a lot actually) to make dd's birthday cake. They boil for 6 minutes, and usually not that hard to peel. I am getting 12-14 a day now. Also learned that adding 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to their water helps to neutralize the poop smell. And guess what? It actually works? With the cold spell I have them in the garage and the smell has reduced greatly since adding the vinegar. Who would have known? And they...
I need to catch up with this thread. So please it's still going! :-)   Guess what? My baby that was still a newborn when I joined-- she is 13 today! I can hardly believe it!
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