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I gave up 2 years experience in a promising career, a retirement plan, let myself get behind so that I would not be hirable in that field if I wanted to return to it, and our income was cut in half. Was it worth it? YES! We struggled and scrimped and saved. But I felt lucky to be a SAHM.   I did go back to school and I started a new career as a nurse when my youngest entered Kindergarten. I wish sometimes I was still a SAHM but we need to supplement the income as the...
I'm sorry this happened to you. :-( How scary. Makes me mad because I see so many abused children come into the hospital where I work and CPS was too busy to investigate or follow up on them, and then someone calls about your bug problem. Really irks me.   Anyway, we had a serious tick infestation several years ago when dd was small. After trying things on our own, we ended up hiring a pest company and forked out a lot of $$ for them to do the yard and house at the same...
I am so sorry! :-( I would march right up to the owners of the dogs and let them know what happened. Also if you see those dogs running loose again please call animal control or police (if they are on your property).
Both my girls had early body odor. But their development has been otherwise normal. My oldest is going to be 13 in 2 weeks, and has not started her period yet. My 9 year old is just showing very very early signs of puberty. Both have been wearing deodorant since age 7. They are vegetarian but drink cow's milk. 
I could have written your post. I have a 9 yo dd, also vegetarian, started getting headaches about 2 months ago non-stop. They get better and worse but never go away. She was coming home from school and going straight to bed. Squinting in bright light, and just acting not herself. I have noticed very early signs of puberty starting in her. Both my mom and my mother in law have suffered lifelong from migraines. It has impacted both their lives severely.   I took her to...
I got a very very old Vitamix from a friend when my tube-fed kid was needing a blenderized diet. It actually did have a stainless canister!    Here is an example of one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vita-Mix-Maxi-4000-Commercial-Vitamixer-w-Stainless-Steel-Container-/111194728558
It sounds like you feel stuck, and you feel like you don't have any control or choices. Is there something you can do just for yourself? Take a class? Get a part time job or volunteer? Sometimes just having a change of the people that you are around all day really helps. I work part time and although it's a hard job, I enjoy my co-workers and the change of scenery from home life.
Thanks! Actually that first design would probably work great! :-) Just what I was looking for!
I really agree with the idea of her getting a job to pay for the boots. I don't know how you handle achievements in your family, but it sounds like she's a hard worker at school and activities. I pay my girls a little bit for grades, or for trying hard. When my youngest was struggling with math last year I rewarded her for working hard with her tutor, just as I rewarded my older one for getting straight A's. They don't try hard for the money, but that's their job right now...
Lookie what I found today in the quail coop! (We had 5 but dd dropped one in her excitement)  
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