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I also shared on facebook!    
We chose homeschooling because we wanted to grow together as a family unit.  We are hoping that our children will become closer as they are learning together.  We also want to be more involved in our children's education.   
We had our baby Sunday...12 days past my edd.  Our sweet baby girl graced us with her presence at 3:33 Sunday morning.  Saturday I told my husband he was not allowed to go to work.  We own a local shop so a friend covered for us.  My midwife and her assistant came over and we started planning out somethings to try to naturally induce labor...I was on a double breastpump, they did accupressure, listening to affirmations,  and homeapathy. The day before I went for an...
Hi Under~ I had to go back and look up your dd.  I was due the day after you.  Here I am at 41+4.  I have had prelabor for a week now...so ready for this baby to come.  After 42 weeks my midwife can't attend our birth...we are not quite sure what we will do if we get there.  My family is calling everyday...some like my mother...multiple times a day.  I am about to change my voice mail message because I know their nagging (I know that the love us and are worried) but it...
Hi ladies~ I have not posted much..but have loved reading these boards the past 9 months.  I am 41 weeks today.  This is our third babe.  Both my boys were born 2 days after their dd.  So I have never been this preggo...what an emotional roller coaster.  So ready to be holding my sweet baby.  I have been having intense braxton hicks for the past few days. It is really starting to get old....I am ready for the real thing.  Many congratulations to all the mamas who have...
33 + 26 = 59  #3 is due in October.  I am so excited to add to the number. 
The placenta will usually move up as your uterus grows larger.  You can always call your doc too and see if they can give you the info...just so you don't have to wait.  Best of luck.  
I also love our YMCA childcare.  My youngest loves going too.  My oldest is in school...so does not go very often...but still enjoys it.  I get a great hour workout in and a nice uninterrupted shower.  My youngest does not nap either...so it is really my only break in the day. 
I was measuring big at my last appt...I was 10 weeks then and measured 14 weeks.  I have my next appt in a week...I will be 15 weeks then.   I am sure that I am still measuring big.  I feel my fundus right at my navel.  This is #3 for me too.  My midwife said that it is pretty normal to measure big for your 3rd pregnancy.  Everything knows where to go.  I am still a bit concerned with twins.  It's pretty funny...I did not show with my first for so long.  This time around...
One of our dogs has been acting strange for almost a month.  Staring at me, following me around.  I took my 2 boys out of town about 2 weeks ago and my husband said she was a wreak the whole time.  I took a test when we got back in town...so now we know why.  When I was pregnant with our second...she stared at me the entire morning before I went into labor.  Our other dog is male...not sure if that has anything to do with it...but he just follows her lead.
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