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I am due the 26th...so it is very possible. I went into labor on my due date with ds...but my midwife had swept my membranes a couple of times...not planning on doing any of that this time around.
I love living in Asheville. It is a great place to raise a family too. The cost of living is pretty high though and it is very hard to find a job. Besides those two things it rocks. There are a lot of like-minded people and a couple great natural baby stores in town. I do think I remember hearing about one of those house being here. Ahhh....we just got this new computer and it has a mind of its own and just deleted 3/4 of my post...so here we go again... The...
What kind of birth are you planning? We are planning a homebirth with an ob and midwife. My ob is awesome...he is more like a midwife than an ob. And he is only a mile from your house. The midwife he works with is great too. How are you feeling about adding a second child to your home? I a little nervous...but I think that ds will adjust fine to having a baby in the house. I am going to have a lot of help the first couple weeks. My mom is coming up and then...
Wow!!! I can't believe it is my turn...This pregnancy has sure gone by fast. what are you craving today? gourmet pepper jelly...weird...I know. I work at a preschool. One of the girls in my afterschool class brought it for snack last week. Oh...it smelled so good. I have not even had it before. But I think I am going to make a grocery trip today to get some. how are you feeling today? Good...I starting to get picky about food again...like in the first...
I have a pretty deep innie when I am not preggo. When I was pregnant with ds it just stretched out into a flattie. This time around I have a definite outie.
I have not done any yet. I really want to. I will try to do some this week. Everyone's bellies look great!!!! Can't believe I am almost in my third trimester...and that some of you already are.
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleLegos The last two days I'm getting bigger kicks. I'm 20 wks and 5 days. Felt them from the outside finally. Love that. The baby is kicking way down low. Hopefully she'll flip around at some point. Hey your my DD buddy. I also have an anterior placenta...and have definitely been feeling bigger kicks that past couple days. DH even got to feel one two nights ago.
Add me to team green please! We had our ultrasound but baby had it's legs closed tight. Dh is trying to convince me to do another ultrasound...but I really just want to wait now. Yay for surprises!!!!
the placenta is anterior...so it was hard to see everything. But the baby is healthy!!! and that is the most important thing. We wanted to find out the sex...but the baby kept it's legs tightly closed. So it is still a mystery. DH mentioned getting another ultrasound at our next appointment....but I think I just want to wait now. We found out with ds. When we first got preggers I told dh that I did not want to know...but he convinced me to find out. But I told him...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carley When we were at the thrift store DD fell in love with a chicken costume! So! She'll be a chicken, & I'll velcro a felt egg on my belly. There! DS was a chicken last year. So cute. He randomly decided this about 1.5 weeks before Halloween. It was pretty tough finding the costume...but it was so worth it!!! This year we are going as pirates!!!
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