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EDD: Late March. FF says March 26th. But I wanted to come to say hi to you ladies. DS was born the day after his edd. Name: Lyndsi Dh/So name: Justin Age: 27 Other Children: Waylon 3yo Any Furbabies: 2 dogs, Abby and Tucker Any names you are thinking of: not yet Are you secretly hoping for a specific gender: I am pretty convinced it is a girl. But either will do. DS keeps saying I have a baby sister in my belly. State: NC
So sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself.
So sorry mama.
Last night dh finally took me to get fish tacos. I had been craving them for weeks. They were so good. I want more now. Oh...and he let me sleep until 10 this morning. We have some good men!!!
So sorry mama!
I have toned down my workout just a little bit. Before I found out I was preggers I was doing an hour of yoga...with a lot of ab work. Since I found out I am pregger...I am still doing the hour of yoga. I just stopped doing some poses...and added others. So far...so good. I also chase around 3 3yo boys all day. I sit more now then I did before. And no only one of the boys is mine. I just watch a couple of my friends kids during the week. But that is a workout in...
I am so sorry mama. You are in our thougts.
I am 4w 3d today...little bit behind most of you. I am doing pretty good. Just some waves of nausea. But I am so very tired. I just woke up from a nap. The two other kidos (besides ds) I watch everyday woke up from theirs early. I feel like I could have slept for a couple more hours. DS doesn't nap anymore so DH took him to the park so I could get a good nap in. He rocks!!! I really have to think about what I want to eat and it usually consists of something we...
Lyndsi, around the 26th, #2
Just joined!
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