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okay, i just have to chime in here. that website is all about buying the book and the author uses an atrocious example of why the bacteria in our mouths aren't capable of causing cavities by comparing it to meat being unrefrigerated or sugar being unrefrigerated and how the meat rots (due to bacteria) and the sugar doesn't.   that sort of comparison is so scientifically invalid that it boggles my mind. controls? variables? it's not even inoculated with the bacteria that...
  so glad to hear your update! positive thoughts for additional recovery in the future!
  but i have no religion and therefore i have no religious grounds to object upon.   that's why i'd have to lie.
well. again, i'm an atheist. i think there's plenty of human rights that have nothing to do with religion and i wouldn't necessarily have a problem with all religious exemptions being changed to philosophical exemptions.   i would have a problem with government mandated vaccination, but i can see how a non-religious person using a religious exemption could lead to the impression that it is being mis-used.   i'm not really sure what the solution is. i don't think that...
i would.   i find it reprehensible that a person must have a religion in order to decline vaccinating on schedule. i'm an atheist, so that essentially means that i don't have the same rights as a religious person.   i really think that there could be a discrimination suit about this at some point.
i have sevaral comments:   1- i find it interesting that you would posit that all humans are the same on the vaccine forum, where it is very common to suggest that some children are more sensitive to vaccine ingredients than others, leading to reactions in some children and not in others.   2- i am, unfortunately for your assertion, quite familiar with both the BARF diet for canines, and a raw diet for humans, having gone so far as to both feed my dog and myself diets...
and   meemee, i highly recommend reading this post two or three times.
my dd had quite extensive decay.   when her dentist, that recommended mineral paste, xylitol, and had no problem with continued nursing so long as her teeth were brushed, told us that it was time to do something, we did.   she did have versed, and was a little woozy upon waking. they had me come back as soon as she was waking up and they also had her go in first as she was the youngest. i can't tell you how happy i am that we had them fixed. she can eat apples....
i don't think it's that the world will collapse from a measles outbreak, but more that a consistent reasoning for not needing vaccines is better sanitary conditions and clean water.   so, given the lack of those conditions for a long-term amount of time and it seems plausible and logical that diseases would come back. in that case, i'd like my kids to have whatever sort of protection they can.
  i'm not sure that i follow this logic. how does it account for congenital issues that cause illness?   are you really suggesting that every single human on the planet would benefit the same way from an "ideal" diet? i find this very curious...   i'm also confused by the assertion that domesticated and wild dogs suffer from different diseases. i can assure you that both types of dogs suffer from rabies in an equally devastating fashion.  
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