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i've found regionals to be pretty awesome and much more kid friendly (unless you count the one in SLC that didn't allow them). have a great time!   i took my kids every year from birth until my oldest was five but we had a pretty unique situation out there (and lived really close by) so it was definitely easier.    
the benedetta is made with grape alcohol, which kills the bacteria. it also dries nicely (unlike the tom's which always left me sticky and then chaffing) and has a lavender scent that is strong at first but fades nicely.   okay, i promise i'll stop talking about it now, i was just so happy to find something that worked and was aluminum free that i tend to go on and on about it.
www.benedetta.com   their lavender deodorant is EXPENSIVE but it works better than anything else i've ever tried, the crystal included. it's one of those things that i shell the money out for because it's important and it works.
i do not think that kidsville is great and would not recommend camping with them.   the best places that i found with kids was small random local neighbors or friends that happened to have kids too.
James and the Giant Peach (with some editing of the scary mean aunts) was a hit with us.   oh! and My Side of the Mountain and the rest of those books.
  i think the point was that they aren't publishing anything anymore, either digital or print, after march/april (which is digital only).   there's going to be things like podcasts and interviews and maybe some articles? i'm not terribly technologically literate so i don't really know what they meant. there's a thread in questions and suggestions about it.    
i'm sorry, but i guess i'm unsure of why you would post an article for discussion and then discuss topics that are not relevant to the article?   i thought the point of posting an article was to discuss the content of the article?   not being critical, but i was interested in discussing the article.
    that's true. i respect you too much to think that you'd be taking issue with me either.   it was a very anecdotal type of response!  
i don't understand how that statement is related to the findings of the article that you posted (which concluded that partial vaccination is what is causing new variants to arise) but it's certainly well within your rights to choose not to vaccinate.   i would think, though, that your point might be better served by a different article than the one you posted.
i want to be sure i'm understanding your question correctly. are you suggesting that if people avoid situations that lead to the development of new variants (meaning, people should avoid partial vaccination) then they shouldn't get vaccinated?   in the absence of vaccination the wild-type virus out competes the variants. this just means that the type of Hep A that you get is the wild-type, not a new variant.   i'm not really sure what type of study you are asking...
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