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the article says nothing about the vaccination not working when properly administered according to the recommended schedule. in fact, it is the partial vaccination that offered the grounds for the new variants to emerge.   they are saying is that people need to finish the series to AVOID situations that would likely lead to new variants. so, we are UNLIKELY to get a new serotype if people either don't get vaccinated (wild-type out competes) OR if you finish your...
that's because the new variants arose from a situation of partial vaccination.   this is likely because the wild-type variant strongly out-competes these variants in an non-vaccinated person. in the situation described, only eight had been vaccinated, (out of 186) and only one of those had been completely vaccinated. five had HIV, which also shows lower levels of responsiveness to the vaccine.   the conclusion of encouraging people to complete the series of...
textural aversion. the realization that the texture of meat was muscle fibers. that and the night my mom made the leg of lamb we were going to eat move by pulling on one side of the leg. oh! and the chuck of gristle (or what ever it was) in a hot dog i ate.
i tried to make the switch to tf and i just couldn't do it. i took the veggie ferments, coconut oil, and pastured eggs and that's about it. oh! i added cod liver oil because it made me feel amazing.   i am more lenient with myself if i occasionally want a bite of salmon, but i can't do the organ meat/ raw dairy (any dairy really except ghee and some cheeses) stuff.   my philosophy has morphed into what makes me feel the healthiest rather than a strict adherence...
could the product liability have to do with recalls?
my dd has red hair blue eyes and an easy-going personality, she's a mini-me. with room for her own personality of course.
i think that since you know your ds doesn't react to these that it would be worth it to finish the series to give him immunity (ideally) for that much longer.
i just flew with my dd (just turned 3 and i didn't use anything). i figured if the plane is crashing, by britax probably isn't going to do much good. that and it takes up a lot of seat room that they can move around in during the flight, which makes for a _much_ easier time. she made friends with the folks in the row behind us by standing up and saying hi.
  when distances on a graph are measured like that (showing an exponential increase) it means that they are using a logarithmic scale. this usually happens when the data covers a very large range. if i had to guess, based upon the graph, i'd say they are trying to display data that ranges from a very large amount of exposure to a very small amount of exposure.
  my dd was unvaxxed for over two years because we lived far from town and it was a big trip to make in just for vaccines. i was also taking my time about doing it, because i was researching, but there were some i was sure about that i didn't get because, well, i was lazy.  now that we've moved to town, she has started both her dtap and mmr series. and i'm still rather lazy about it because she should have already gone in for her second set.   i can't be the only busy...
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