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you could poke around kellymom.com a little bit.   have you talked to a lactation consultant or anyone at la leche league?
thank you so much for your sensible perspective!! this really helps to put it into perspective.    
i was four weeks ahead due to polyhydramnios and my dd was 7lbs 8oz.
  in the article cited didn't it say "fear of unforeseen vaccination reactions"? that doesnt' equate to well-known side effects...   but in response to the original question, i'm not sure if it would increase vaccination rates if there were more vaccines offered. it didn't make a difference for me as the ones that are combined are all ones that i want to get anyway.
i happen to live really close to mountain rose herbs. i can't do anything for a couple of months, but i could totally go pick up an order from them so we wouldn't have to pay any shipping!   i'll keep that in mind along with the woolies.
i would love a mercurious one too! so glad to see the co-ops back open!! mdc was the first co-op board i found and i have such fond memories of the mamas on here running such neat buys.   and, i just finished running my second organic woolen underwear buy on another group and would be willing to open it on here for next year. this is really early, since i'd probably open it in august or september, should i contact anyone to get it on the schedule this soon?
  uh, you do know that the people that are most likely to research a topic are those with a highly educated specialty in the topic? and that those people are going to have their methods scrutinized by other people highly educated in the specialty? and that scientific publication is the first step of verification? something isn't published because it's "true", it's published because it meets scientific scrutiny at which point an on-going debate takes place if the results...
    from http://law.jrank.org/pages/9110/Patients-Rights-Informed-Consent.html   i have a really hard time seeing a doctor being unable to convinve a judge that you transferred to a hospital in a dire emergency* and because of this emergency, the doctor was unable to obtain consent.     *based upon your previous definition of what would make you transfer
  this is not factual nor supported by any evidence.   if you can't support your claims then it makes it difficult to take your argument seriously.
it's also possible that he didn't get it.   a nurse wrote down what she though my ds was going to get in his chart only to find out that they were out of one of the vaxes. the next time i went in i asked about and the nurse was like, no, he got that one.   so, it's possible that someone wrote down what they thought your kiddo was going to get only to have you say no to the cp and no one ever corrected the chart. 
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