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oh!!! i thought you had to avoid mentioning the other thread at all! okay, that makes so much more sense. ha! thanks.
nice to get another no-spend in finally. leaving for my trip tomorrow!! $100 spending money courtesy of my wonderful mate, that's $20/day, it should be easy peasy to have extra left over. i'll update on the 25th or as i can. 0/100 trip spending money 551.27/600 groceries 49/100 pantry stocking 58.15/60 spending money 224.46/80 sundry 143.46 over budget 10/21 no spend days 7/10 budgeted spend 2/0 non-budgeted spend!!!! 1- 2- 12.97 shipping...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mygirlsrock . She's also very driven by work, So I guess my status as SAHM is her biggest disappointment, she likes to make passive aggressive comments or blame all of my kids developmental problems on my presence at home "your not doing those girls any favors by staying home you know" is what I hear a lot. honestly, my MIL is like this. i honestly think it's some sort of generational thing... where women had to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Genesis Agreed. Also, it's obvious his IL's are defending him, so personally I would have no contact whatsoever with ANY of his relatives or friends. I'm so sorry you and your sweet son have to go through this. it does seem a little odd to me that your il's are defending him but asking to see the baby at the same time?!? so, uh apparently they think your son was lying and really just needs to spend time with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Abarat I'm thinking that he's just read a few survivalism novels and let the news get to him. He tends to be a worrier anyway. dude. those will TOTALLY do it to you!!! freaked me the heck out, and i'm kind of a mary sunshine type chick. i think you should totally go. and have him turn off the news or any tv for a few days and see if it's still that bad. my mate was watching cnn non-stop for all sorts of...
yeah, it's totally nuts. pun not intended. ha! and i will add that tierra farms, while not technically raw, are still sprout-able.
hi, i'm wondering about the inability to mention other threads in your thread.... if it's a spin-off don't you need to get some of the background from the original thread? also, i'm assuming that you are not allowed to reference other threads because you shouldn't be talking about other people without them knowing it... but if the spin-off is in the same forum couldn't you assume that the person who started the original would see it? thanks!
does your dh have a record of being right? if my dh didn't want me to go and said, "i feel it in my bones you guys should not go." i wouldn't go. but he's a very intuitive kind of guy and he's often right.
bleh. our neighbors have been fighting too. it's not terrible just loud arguing. i'm sure the whole town can hear it but no one ever calls the sheriff on them. in their defense, they are both loud and i know there isn't any abuse going on, but still, drunk brawling sucks.
maybe you don't know this, but you need to pay for advertising in your signature.
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