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Educate yourself thoroughy on parenting (there are TONS of resources available on this website), decide what YOU want to do, and have a nice conversation w/ your paents where it's a purely adult conversation, and you're not their kid, but an informed adult. Once you ACT like an adult, your parents will probaby see you that way!
I was 12, it was the summer before 7th grade. I was thin and ate average amounts of meat, dairy, veggies. I was never regular until about 18, though!
He won't change his flight plans... Well, not MY problem And I don't know what to do when he gets here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Abi's Mom When he was 9.5 he bit my daughter on the hand when she was 18 months. He does this when his dad is at work. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?????? What can be done to correct this??!! And who can help.??? I 'd love to but where do you live? Please be cautious. I say that only for safety reasons.
Thank you (BTW, I DO need it, just pretend I dont!!!)
I'm addicted, too. Any update??? Mama, pulling for YOU always.
I have to believe that is has to do with the physical connection during pregnancy, nearly 10 months (for most) of mind, body and soul connecting with babe. Men just don't get that. The same part of me that URGHHHHHHH gets mad at them make me appreciate my role all the more. Simply put, NO ONE takes the place of mom. Ever.
Well, no divorce was in the picture for me, but I did begin dating one of my male best friends during the constant (like 3 years plus) drama w/ my ex. He was a wonderful companion and I fell deeply and madly in love with him. Maybe I needed it at that time. Anyhow, I've moved and he was supposed to follow in a few months, but a promotion at work sidetracked him. We are still in frequent contact but have cut off emotional ties. I guess in the end what I am trying to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oceanjones Ditto that And another ditto that!!
UPDATE: IT'S OVER. Thanks everyone. I'm going about my journey to singledom. Iz.
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