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Quote: Originally Posted by ScootchsMom That is what I wanted to do, but I only have 3 refills left and I'll go through them in a month that way. That is why I was originally asking about using the over the counter version crushed up to supplement the script. is the script in the same form? the capsules? how old is your ds?
*i am not giving medical advice* but what i did was increased the prevacid on my own when i knew it was time. when youre baby is in pain from reflux, you just know. also eliminating all milk protein and soy protein helped a lot. he had to be on medical formula-neocate.
Yes, i wanted to mention we were on Zegerid for a while. It was just put out on the market at the time and had some stabilitly issues, and my son was actually on 52 mg a day in order to stay pain free. Eventually, we went back to the prevacid, mylanta in between, and Pepcid COMPLETE chewables at night are also a godsend! you can dissolve those in water. They contain an h2blocker as well as a mylanta type medicine for immediate relief.
Yes you are so right! doctors know nothing about this stuff (in my experience) i had to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT to get ds on prevacid. eventually at 6 months old he was on 30mg a day split into three doses. I put the little beads in applesauce (30 min before a full feeding). It is very important to do it on an empty stomach. Also, in between mylanta (the aluminum free kind) i think its called "supreme" did wonders! I had to show my doctor the research from marci-kids.com to...
Quote: Originally Posted by rainyday Checking in here and in DESPERATE need of some encouragement and advice! Starting weight: 148.2 lbs. Goal weight: 120 lbs. Last week's weight: 148.2 lbs. This week's weight: 149.8 lbs. Loss this week: + 1.6 lbs GAIN Net loss: 1.6 lb gain I wouldn't be so discourage by the 1.6 pound gain this week if I hadn't really been working hard all week. I walked 38 miles from last Tuesday through Monday. I went cross...
this is awesome thanks!
wow...thanks to marksdailyapple and going mostly grain free (and working out) i have lost 10 lbs so far. i started dec 31st. thanks to the mamas who posted his website!
[QUOTE=Marnica;14996377]Pneumonia happens just as often in fully vaxed children as well. You obviously have to do what you feel is right for you and your family, but I think it may be unwise to presume that this would not have happened had your child gotten Prevnar. there are dozens of strains of bacteria and viruses that can lead to pneumonia Why do you think that your DS has a pneumococcal bacterial strain? Was his sputum cultured? If so I can understand your regret!...
thank u!
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