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Baths are popular with the 3-y-o here. So is playdough, and stringing beads on pipe cleaners, and playing with cornstarch mixed with water.
I'll go with therapist. Or just letting go of some expectations. You cannot keep up on everything in your life (baby books????). Do fun stuff with the kids and reprioritize everything else. Slow cookers are good for dinners. Do your kids like going to the grocery store? At that age, DH put one in a sling and the other in the cart. They liked it. Cleaning just isn't a hot button issue for me. Our house is always kinda cluttered and not as clean as it could be. Oh...
Okay...my social skills are not that great either, but what you wrote about the teacher is NOT normal!! She is not even trying to work with Emily on her reading level. How would she know better than you what Emily can do or not do?? And she's obviously not interested in knowing. Get her OUT of that class. I would bring her home and "deschool" her, like eilonwy said. I'm not sure what your DH has against HSing....but if Emily learned how to read, etc., before she entered...
#53: The Tail of Emily Windsnap, by Liz Kessler YA fiction, first in a series about a 7th grader who discovers she is half mermaid. Somewhat derivative (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.) but how could it not be. Still, writing is pretty good and I have no doubt that it appeals to middle schoolers. Though not so much to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jessy1019 On purpose? When the people in front of me aren't going the speed limit.... Kay, I do this too...but DH pointed out that the limit is a LIMIT, and not what everyone NEEDS to be doing all the time. I guess I don't see it that way....I do get annoyed when someone is going 40 in a 50, or something like that. I try not to, but I do.
Okay...I *really* dislike the title of this book, but it is GREAT. "When Your Child Drives You Crazy" by Eda LeShan.
Did you ask him why he didn't run fast? My DD is only 5, but she did a "fun run" and jogged the whole way. I don't think she had any idea that she was "supposed" to run as fast as she possibly could. She just did what she wanted, and enjoyed herself. I ran a 2-mile race with her through an orchard and she stopped to eat an apple along the way. Of course, there is a huge difference between age 5 and age 10. My DD is not competitive (yet). She has seen me run several...
I posted on the H'ween thread...I just let my kids collect their candy and eat what they want to eat. Taking most of it away just cements the idea of candy being "forbidden fruit," at least IMHO. I prefer to make it a non-issue - less stress all around. Now, we only go to about 10 houses and at some of those, people aren't home from work yet (we tend to go early-ish). So my kids don't get a ton of candy - but way more than I would give them at any one time. But -...
When people ask if he sleeps, say, "He sleeps like a baby!" and smile. That's all they need to know.
Thanks Aurie! He is going to have to look into that with the school before making a decision. It is a tech college in VT that has a lot of classes at satellite locations where supposedly you can choose the most convenient time to attend. Assuming that is true, that would just leave clinicals.
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