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Oh, Post partum pads....yes, I hate them too! I am so sick of leaking anyway. I wish I could use my diva cup.
Wow, Chiro! You are making me feel lazy over here.    Nipples...well, mine were in a bad state until I got her latch corrected. She is too anxious and won't open very wide. This of course lead to a clogged duct that took up a wedge of my right breast from the 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock position. It just started to clear today after I started Lecithin last night. I tried everything before that. I turned the corner today while sitting here topless with a heating pad and...
Perri's transcutaneous bili was 4.5 at 24 hours old. She was bruised at birth so that lead to the increased level. She is still fairly orange/yellow but she is only going on 5 days old so I am not worried. She is pooping and peeing and eating. 
lovingnaturals.com   I have used her products for 2 or 3 years now and we love them. 
Big hugs to those still waiting. I was so sure I would go to 41 weeks. I am still in shock that I delivered already. I wish I had inspiring words for you all!   I have been having a little obsession over my little girls name. See, I liked Tessa and DH liked Perri. Since she was our last we used both and threw in my generic middle name. The flow is fine and she can go by whatever she wants when she is older. Plus, I have two different images of a little girl named...
Welcome Scarlet, Lennon, and Timothy!!!!
I love Atticus!!!
Perri arrived Sunday April 15th at 12:46pm. She was 38w6d...my earliest! She weighed 7 pounds 8.4 ounces and is 19 inches long.    I am so happy to have her here. She was such a surprise but I can't imagine not having her. Her siblings are in love! She is my smallest yet by 1/2 a pound but if I would have gone to 40 weeks she would have been almost 8 pounds I think. 
It is so surreal to have her in my arms.....I didn't think I would have another baby and here she is! Now she needs a name. Everyone keeps asking!
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