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7 pounds 8 ounces, 19 inches born at 12:46....not sure on the name yet
  I hope so! I have had even more show this am and fairly uncomfortable contractions 5 min apart for an hour now. I'm going to get some breakfast and do some last minute things and see what happens!
More bloody show here with random painful contractions. Guess it is wait and see still. 
  Well, I contracted all.night.long. They hurt! At some points they were 2 min apart.  But, I worked Thursday and Friday night. I got home Friday morning and slept 3 hours before my appt. then didn't go to bed until 11pm. I didn't go to sleep until 2am due to contractions. I took a warm shower, drank water, stood, walked, etc. I was SO tired though I finally was able to fall asleep. Then I wake up at 4am with hard contractions and lose the plug. I almost called my...
HA! I asked DH to have some 'fun time' tonight and he did it! I guess he is tired of mopey emotional me. I probably shouldn't have shown him a pic of what -2 station is before hand though. LOL!
YES!!! We had one but now I am not sure about it. I am not sure about the one I like either. Basically, I don't know what I want to with this girls name.  
Well, I am feeling a bit better now. I guess my RRL and EPO regimen has paid off somewhat. I am 2cm, 70-80%, -2 station. Last week baby was still floating. When they did my GBS I asked her just to check gently to see if I had anything going on and I was a big fat nothing, nothing, baby high. So, here's to my irregular contractions doing something for me!
It is good to hear so many of us are in the same boat. I wish we weren't, but it makes me feel more normal right now.  I get nice rounds of hard contractions and cramps that go on for an hour then stop. It's been happening daily this week. No plug lost though so I don't know if they are doing anything. I have a midwife appt tomorrow at 38w4d.
Thank you for saying this! I am feeling the exact.same.way. I have been SO sad the last week because I need cuddles, love, and intimacy. DH just isn't into it right now and we are in a sad place. I cuddle my kids and I love them but it isn't the same as my husbands arms around me. Just typing this is making me teary eyed.    
Fern5Fern - I work as a nurse in a Level 3 NICU and let me tell you, cooling is a life saver. Literally. We have had babies who were given grave outcomes by the Level 4 ICU neruo specialists go home in less than a week from birth acting like any other 1 week old. Babies we were told would never suck, never have muscle tone, etc go home 'normal'. I'm so very happy that your friend was close to / delivered in a cooling location. That is the best possible thing for a baby...
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