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Well, for the past three days I have spent a few hours each day contracting about 10 min (or less) apart with lower back cramps, lower uterine cramps, and inner thigh cramps. They never last and are never painful (just noticeable). At least I know my body is trying to gear up for something! No plus lost yet which is a bummer. 
Wow at all the babies!!! Congrats to all of the mommies and their newest additions!!
Congrats on all the new babies!!!! SO exciting!!!
Well, all of my hoping she was lower didn't work. 37w4d appt today and she is still floating around. 
Send her one of these http://www.thewholenetwork.org/dont-retract-packs.html
To be 100% honest, I am SO not expecting to go into labor on my own that I could contract and cramp and lose a million plugs and still sit here waiting to schedule my induction.    (I would still love to go spontaneously though!!)
I am not obsessing over anything but I have noticed a few things.    I think she is lower in the abdomen, not uncomfortably so, but lower. For weeks now I have had hard contractions but no pain with them. I mean, my belly feels like a bowling ball. Recently I have had some lower cramping with those hard contractions. At night I am getting hip pain again (which had stopped about a month or so ago) so I hope that means her head is lower. I the middle of the night I get...
Such beautiful girls!! Wow! It's happening!!  (P.S. - this is not helping my patience at all!)
My Grandfather and I have an April 14th birthday. If this girl is born then I would be 38+4...that would be fine with me!
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