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Hooray for adding some girls to the list!!! Congrats to all the new mommies!!
Yes, Kaismum and NicMom! Being due at the end (and expecting to not have her until 41 weeks which would be 4/30) makes the waiting all that much harder!
That would be an awesome birthday! Haha! I have an appt in two weeks with my waxer. I have been going for a year now. I hope it is worth it...as in keeping things a little cleaner down there for after birth!    
I think this is my first time participating in weekly chat so I am just going to jump in....   I had my 36w1d appt yesterday. GBS swab done. I asked her to go ahead and check me just to have a starting point. At this point with DD1 and DS I was 3cm 70-80%....yesterday I was a big 'ole nothing. She isn't even in the pelvis yet. Oh well, I know I can go from nothing to 10 in a day so I am trying not to let it get me down. See, I ended up with inductions both previous...
Yay for April babies!!!!! 
Awesome! Now stay baby, stay!!!
My cousin had the condom break on the day she ovulated. They went out that night and got Plan B. She is now 29 weeks pregnant. Probably not what you wanted to hear though. Sorry!
I saw the midwife today and it looks like she flipped for me a few weeks ago when I felt that big movement!  I hope everyone gets their little ones to move!
I think my girl turned yesterday morning too!!! I felt her head swoop down my left side. I was afraid to move!! Tonight I have felt kicks on my right upper side and I am currently feeling hiccups in my bum area. Please let her stay there!!!
Breech here at 32w1d. I have had a talk with her but I think she is ignoring me. I will not have a c-section dang it. 
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