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Yes! I thought I was imagining things! She is under my ribs making it harder to breathe, my skin feels like it is going to split open at the top, and heart burn has hit. I am 25+1!!
Thanks ladies! I think we have at least a first name picked then! Well, unless she tells us something else once we meet her.    Prettyisa - that's funny about your grandmother. That is why I was thinking of giving her the longer name and just using the nickname. Then I felt silly naming her something we didn't intend on using.
Not Emmalyn Lynne. I'm saying if I use the name Emmalyn Rose for example but I wanted to call her Emmie-Lynn for a nickname....does that sound ridiculous? 
Only because we wanted to use the middle name lynne so we could call her say....Emmie Lynne if we chose to do so or just Emmie. If we were to use Emmalyn then could we still call her Emmie Lynne? I 
I think I have finally found a name I like! Unfortunately it is more of a nickname and mixed with our middle name it wouldn't give her many options as far as if she wanted to be say a lawyer or a judge (I hope she would pick a different career, but hey, that's me). What is you opinion on these situations? My name is a boys first name and a middle name I wouldn't want to use as an everyday name (just my opinion).... Rikki Lynne. I am an RN so my name doesn't make or break...
Well, I stumbled upon a name I pretty much love....but if I do not step away from google then I will convince myself it is too popular and not use it. :-(  
The funny thing is that we home school so why am I so worried about the popularity? LOL!
I think I am back to my possibly popular name as my #1....I also have a no where near popular name as my #2 but DH doesn't like it at all.    The two names start with the letter E and for some reason that has been the resounding echo in my head for months now. I need to have an E name. Unfortunately, that seems to be the trendy thing to do right now. (The E name)
You sound like me! I love two names but in a blog from 2010 it said these two names are the up and coming popular names. I am now scared to pick them but I do not like anything else. 
I have tried on my MAC on firefox and google chrome. I also tried on my droid. Nothing worked.
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