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I second the thought of trying a family practice doc instead of pediatrician. In our experience they are usually much more relaxed about vaccines as well as parenting issues.  
It was Cat and not me that had the Paragaurd, but it's a commonly known side effect that it can make your flow heavier. I've heard it from several people IRL, including the midwife I see. Mine is bad enough already that I haven't been willing to risk anything that would make it worse.
Thats what I'm seeing here too- lots of comments from people that legitimately believe it's child abuse and/or porn and many suggesting that CPS should be involved. :( And it doesn't seem to be spawning any good conversations, but how could it given that reaction? Local media is not even mentioning Dr. Sears or AP.
Holistic Moms had a good response too - http://holisticmomsnational.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/motherhood-under-attack.html
We are using condoms for now too, but would like something more effective.  We had one pregnancy scare that really solidified our feelings on the issue. My periods are also intense, midwife keeps suggesting Mirena, but I have read such horror stories - I think more than I've ever read for any other type of bc! I was thinking to just try and see how it goes, since some people do seem to love it, but then I read comments from women that got it out and were still having...
Hello, all! I'm glad we were able to get this social group started. Our other 82 page thread was a bit unwieldy, made it hard to have discussions. We planned for one and like it this way! Our son recently turned five. We hope to do a lot of traveling with him, starting soonish. :) He's pretty sociable, a bit more than DH or I, and my biggest challenge so far is getting out of my comfort zone to make sure he has lots of time to play with other kids.
For those of you that are certain you're not having more kids by choice (as opposed to infertility) what are you doing for birth control? We're struggling with this issue right now.  It seems that all the good options have potential for some pretty bad side effects, and the ones that don't aren't as effective as we'd like to be certain we don't have an oops. I'm particularly interested to know if anyone has gone the route of sterilization (for either person).
It's only recently come up for us too. We've said pretty much the same thing. We're not going to be having any babies join our family. DS asked if we could "get one of those babies" or somesuch while pointing to one in the mall and it made me think he wasn't that invested in the idea. He hasn't asked since and didn't have any questions after I answered. If he had come to us with a heartfelt desire to have a sibling, or was asking lots of questions about it, I think we...
Yes, I do think about this from time to time, especially since we homeschool and plan to do a lot of traveling. Reading the blogs of others doing similar, it seems they always have several kids with pics of them doing fun things together. Our son has recently been asking for more playmates and it sure would be easier if there were someone here for him to play with whenever he wanted. But deciding to have a baby now would not help that in any way. It would be years - if...
Saw the pic,  I wasn't able to read the article. Nothing like fueling the flames ofthe mom wars in time for Mother's Day and making attachment parenting look extreme. :(  I wish media didn't believe that their job is to sell via controversy and divisiveness. EVERYTHING is taken to extremes.
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