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:( Sorry to hear that.
Is there a 2012 thread yet?
Just saw this thread. We had an awesome hospital birth with the midwife group at the UIHC, just perfect for us, however not everyone I know has had the same experience. Care varied widely among particular midwives, and they have had some turnover lately so I can't say for certain your experience would be the same. If you really want a homebirth, look into all your options.  I know Katie at Eastern Iowa Midwifery takes insurance...
http://corridorparents.com/resources/birth-babies   Pretty sure the two listed (aside from the University will both attend VBACs).
@Unconventional1 - I agree with previous posters that it will depend a lot on where you end up! If you pick one of the larger and/or college towns, you're going to have a much better chance of seeing a variety of viewpoints than in rural areas. I'm originally from one of the smaller towns and when we go to visit family it is incredibly apparent that our views and lifestyle are not the norm, but we totally blend in where we live! Homeschooling should not be a hassle and...
I'm would like to post a job opportunity in http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/list/452/job-opportunities but I'm getting a permission denied error. I am guessing this is something that I may need to pay to access, but I can't find anything that tells me exactly how much it is or what I need to do when I'm trying to post a job, not advertise my product or service. Thanks!
Thanks for the advice. I've been reading online already about remineralization and healing decay, had been subscribed to the Very Young Kids Teeth Yahoo! group for awhile but never needed to act on the advice before. At this point I am leaning towards taking him there to see what she says. Our dentist said they do the first visit as eval only, with proposed treatment plan, then have you come back to do anything. Their web site shows they do welcome parents to come back...
We need to take our son to a pediatric dentist to investigate a potential cavity and our family dentist has recommended we go to Corridor Kids in North Liberty (Dr. Kaaren Vargas). If you have experience with that office (good or bad) would you please PM me? Just didn't find any online reviews and don't know anyone who has gone there. Thanks!
We got a letter in the mail from them today for the survey that said our phone number was chosen at random by computer. We've never gotten any calls, probably because we had our landline phone disconnected awhile back. Our son is not within the target age group anyway.   Just in case someone was looking for additional info, I'll mention that the letter gives the link http://cdc.gov/nchs/nis.htm for further information and also encourages you to call them. On that...
I found out that a local auction house has consignment auctions every week so I might be able to get rid of the things that way! No guarantee they'll go for much, but a pretty easy option. You just bring in the stuff with a list of your items and a driver's license and they give you a check within a week after the auction.
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