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Is this the one where they "test" you by pushing down on your arm and then the supplements that will "fix" you make your arm stronger? If so, then it's total quackery.   I had a chiro do this to me once, and I'd heard about it before so I was curious, but yeah, it was STUPID.
Haha! That's great. I believe it. The other big topic you can ALWAYS count on to make you friends? The OTHER person. Develop a genuine interest in the other person, ask them questions about themselves and let them ramble on about their favorite subject (themselves!). You will never be a fish out of water with THAT trick up your sleeve. ;)    
You can make six figures without being exposed to wines. Lol. DH makes six in a blue collar job where a lot of his coworkers still like beer and strip clubs. Thank goodness he's not like that. :)   Nothing in particular matters except to experience life wholeheartedly, with an open mind, and learn all you can. That's it. No class-handbook needed.
I imagine you're thinking of Finland, where they start formal schooling at age 7 and have a nearly 100% literacy rate. A number of rebuttals have come out cautioning against painting with too broad a brush though - some critics have charged that Finland is a more egalitarian and less multi-ethnic, which makes schooling easier, and here's an article about the phonetic nature of Finnish (and most other language frankly; English is NOT so easy to...
I have a friend whose son went to a charter Montessori, with great results. He was an active and bright child, probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD at a regular school, but the staff at the Montessori really tried to suit his individual needs, for example letting him do schoolwork outside when he needed space.    I'd say, talk to the school. Some are going to be more willing than others to help.
My take on Waldorf is, it really, really, really depends on the child. Waldorf is a very particular sort of learning environment that I think works best with children whose temperaments are suited to it. I would go with your instincts and put your child where he needs to be, and not necessarily where you want him to be. I myself am probably going to end up with one child at a Montessori and one at a Waldorf, for that very reason. My oldest is reality- and goal-oriented...
I haven't personally been to the Spanish Immersion school in my city or the one my niece goes to (in another city), but I know from friends who have kids in ours and from my brother that the two I know of are extremely rigorous and, IMO, don't sound like a lot of fun for a kid. The one in our town gives mandatory homework for the student and parents to do (in K), and it's significant. The one my niece goes to was worksheet-intensive (at least on the day my mom went to...
Yep, I want to join this thread. JUST found out (took a pee test 15 minutes ago) that I'm pregnant with our 3rd. We were happy with two, but we were also ambivalent and DH kept putting of getting snipped, so here we are! 
I have a friend who is "disgusted" by large families. She thinks the earth is not going to be able to sustain large populations and we're just making it worse by producing more children. So won't she be surprised when I tell her I just found out we're expecting a third! Lol.   Congratulations, BTW. :)
Hang on. So French kids are well-behaved and never act up in public? Then explain this commercial to me:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTIMfDJDS6Q&feature=related   Obviously it happens with enough regularity that there is a popular cultural frame of reference for it. Otherwise, the premise of this commercial would be COMPLETELY NONSENSICAL to the French and thus would never have been produced.   Just sayin'.
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