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Not sure if Doc Martin qualifies as a comedy, but it's at least a dramedy. A friend of mine turned me on to it after we'd gone through all the Coupling and IT Crowd episodes. We really enjoyed it.  
Interesting article - thanks for posting!   I had to chuckle a bit at the "defective children" part - you don't see those words occurring together  so often in this day and age.
And IMO the routine has nothing to do with it. Some kid are just crappy at getting to sleep.
I guess my first question would be: does he really need less sleep? My 3.5-year-old has always been an erratic night owl, really hard to put to bed. Basically has to just crash, and gets to sleep faster if we're out of the room and not interacting (which sucks because I'm not cuddling my kiddo to sleep). But I KNOW he's not getting enough sleep because his behavior is poor and his eyes are chronically puffy-tired - I've learned the signs. So he's not getting the sleep he...
Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but I learned recently while researching internet blockers that pretty much none of them support Google Chrome. So if your DS is 12, he can probably figure out that all he has to do to get around the program is to download Chrome.
I forgot to mention that otherwise he is really easygoing and sweet. He's friendly, smiley, relaxed, and mostly just a really happy-go-lucky guy. It's just when you piss him off that he resorts to freaking out.
Okay, so I need some advice from those who have BTDT. DS2 is turning one this month, and his behavior is getting worse. He's been a biter and head butter since he was old enough to move around. He's one of those kids who arches his back and slams his head into your face when he gets upset, or bites you to get your attention if you don't give it fast enough. He's bit his older brother a couple times (maybe DS1 deserved it ;), but biting, ugh!    Now DS2 is also...
With DS1 I got it back when he was around 10 months. With DS2, who's just turning 1, I still haven't gotten it back!
I keep seeing these words! But I do not understand where they come from!   My friends warned me that it's not the twos that are terrible - it's the threes. And NOW I get it. It's not that he is terrible, but it's definitely harder than two. DS is 3.25 and pushes back against EVERYTHING. He's mouthy, provocative, and certainly doesn't seem interested in pleasing me or DH!    He's also creative, energetic, fun, and loves to play. I wish I had the energy to keep up...
Hey, thanks for the feedback. I haven't decided what to do yet, but I'm thinking I'll have him stop after he gets done being sick. I just really don't like the sensation.    I'm just a little worried about WHY he suddenly wants to nurse again. I mean, he didn't want to after the baby was born. And now he does. I worry that there's something going on with him. Probably I'm just being paranoid.
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