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To be honest, this is why we celebrate Christmas. Not only does DH usually get the day off (like everybody else - not something that happens on the solstice), but modern Christmas traditions are pretty much pagan-based anyway. The more I learned about pagan solstice rituals, the more I realized Christmas is SO not a Christian holiday. The Christian part is just an overlay, and an easily ignored one.
Yeah...it sounds to me like you were mad at your MIL and took it out on the 7-year-old. Maybe the 7-year-old WAS whiny and rude, but did you explain the no TV rule when she got there? And yeah, it's pretty rude to let her watch and then keep the sound low while you read to your kids. Sounds passive-aggressive, honestly. I don't mean to tear you up here, but I think maybe your anger was misplaced.   Which is not to say I'd have handled it any better in the moment. It can...
I figured this site would be the place to get some feedback on an issue like this. Nobody? Has anyone had an older child start nursing again, and not just *try*?
So a couple months ago, something odd happened. DS, who is just turning 3 and who has been completely weaned since he was 22 months old, has started wanting to nurse frequently and actually nursing a couple times a day (usually morning and night). I had intended to do CLW with him, but when I was 5 months pregnant with DS2, my milk dried up and we both wanted to stop. He never showed any signs of deprivation from it, and I always hoped he would re-nurse once DS1 came...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie The directions said write the number. Your daughter wrote the number word. I'm not denying it was divergent thinking, but she wasn't following the directions given. I disagree with your assessment. For a divergent thinker, those instructions were ambiguous. I could see that happening and if I were the teacher, I would have a chuckle over it. But then I'm the one whose parents got called in to discuss...
In high school, I routinely wore black turtlenecks and jeans in 100+-degree weather. Teenagers are weird like that. As long as nobody gets heatstroke, I'd say don't worry about it.
My primary rules for ds1 (almost 3) right now are 1. I offer two healthy choices and he can decide, OR 2. he can have an almond butter sandwich and peas in lieu of dinner.
Quote: Originally Posted by pianojazzgirl I ask E why he is wearing ds's silly bandz and ask him to please give it back. He protests that it is actually his silly bandz. He says that a friend at school gave it to him. I ask him which friend. He gives a name. I say "so on Monday, when I pick you up from school and I ask *friend* about it, she'll tell me the same story?". Then he says "actually I found it in the toy box over there" (as he points...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmaramba Woweee!!! Now THAT is a big baby! I'm not shocked she did it without drugs, per se, but to do it at all (especially to "be allowed" to do it at all) is pretty impressive! Well, it was at a freestanding birth center, with only midwife care. So less shocking!
Quote: Originally Posted by VisionaryMom Your son won't understand a gift card (and I'm struggling to think of a place to purchase one that won't result in you buying the things you're asking others not to buy), so I can see why people wouldn't want to get them. http://www.charitygiftcertificates.org/
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