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Thanks for the link. I'm about to check it out. I think this period in her life is almost as emotional for me as it is for her...and as confusing. Just as she is trying to figure out where she "fits" at this developmental stage I am trying to figure out where she fits as far as what areappropriate expectations for me to have of her. and I'm sad to see my little girl slowly disapearing as she morphs into this "new" person. Of course I feel great pride in who shes becoming...
Has anyone experienced this with their own preteens? My DD is 12. After her last day of camp she let it slip to a neighbor child-who let it slip to her brother-who then "snitched" to me that she'd kissed a boy at camp. She covered her face with a pillow when I asked her if it was true. She wouldn't verbally answer, however she did give me the thumbs up sign to say "yes." LOL! She of course was both mortified and secretly pleased to have the news out in the open . It...
Thanks for the suggestions! I've never heard of Westbridge or Laurel Springs! Can anyone who'se tried these tell me what their experience was like? I'm having a difficult time choosing as I want Dd to enjoy learning. Because of the expense once we settle on a distance school we're going to be "stuck" for the school year.
Anyone have suggestions for a distance school? I'm looking into Oak Meadow now but would like to know about what else is out there? I need one that is moderately priced and encourages lots of creativity and hands on learning as well as lots of literature. I tried to post this thread earlier but it appears to have been lost. If not I apologize in advance for the double posting!
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