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Quote: Originally Posted by Cherie2 lol i was gonna say to google it its kind of hard to explain.. i wish i had known about it before my mom died, i think it could have saved her life and made her much happier. remember that job you advised me to take? that is where i learned about it coolness! I'm a little twitchy. 2 of my friends have just out of the blue while talking to me asked my what I was going to the hospital for, and I don't have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherie2 have you heard of the alpha stim? as soon as i read your post it flashed into my mind. i think it could be the answer. no, what is it? ETA-googled. I wonder if my insurance would pay for it?
But for the past month I have felt like I've been hit by a truck. I don't know if it's my fibro kicking up, or the vog, or what. I'd like to know if I'm ever going to feel better, or if it's something other than fibro/vog related stuff affecting me. Interestingly, my headaches seem to be lessening, but everything else is worse, which is strange. Anyone see anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by LionessMom US showed a girl. very obvious girl. sorry. maybe you picked up on how bad we wanted a boy this time. or maybe we will have a boy in the future. as far as the 8th goes. we'll see. she is measuring right on date so maybe the 28th. or maybe the boy you see will be born on the 8th in the future.... sounds like I missed it. you'll have to let me know if you ever have a boy around the 8th.
Quote: Originally Posted by onelilguysmommy A lot of people think this is wonderful and why our country is so grand and just getting so much better. That's really sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by unfrozncavegrl Originally Posted by bigeyes yours was about trying to come up with an idea for income, right? nak. yes. i am a newly single sahm and want to remain a sahm. the 2 things that popped into my head were sales and writing, but I honestly don't know how sales work, unless there is something you can sell from home? Do you have a background in either of these things, or know someone who can help you get...
It goes further than that. Medical schools get contributions from pharmaceutical companies, who have huge influence over how medicine is taught, therefore influencing how doctors think diseases should be treated and which medications are thought to be superior. Some medical schools are now refusing to accept money from pharmaceutical companies.
who else thought of this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Cu45...eature=related
Quote: Originally Posted by nycmom18 would you like to know what it is??? yes
Quote: Originally Posted by lanamommyphd07 well, not to be gender-bashing here but I notice lately now that the pool is open (right outside my back door) that the times I am annoyed by noise are 100% women screeching --- not the kids. Why is it that women/girls/etc, do that high pitched scream? jeez. Maybe we're all put on edge because some evolutionary throwback within says "there is danger. go help" I hate that. In a restaurant or a mall,...
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