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Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I had a similar experience when I told a friend I read the Left Behind series because I found it funny. : : I wish I had thought of that.
Quote: Originally Posted by beru I used to be a city bus driver and driver supervisor. That driver's behavior was absurd and if I had heard about it from a passenger the driver would have been reprimanded. Please call the bus company and complain. I was a driver too. and that's totally crazy. Call the bus company and complain. If your city has a transit authority, call them as well. :
In a nutshell? Never.
Quote: Originally Posted by harleyhalfmoon Is it really an affair if the marriage is long dead, but not quite legally over yet? This is a sore spot for me- My Hubby was in the beginning of divorcing his Ex when my stepdaughter was born, and was seperated from his Ex for 11 months and working very hard on his divorce when he met me and it was a very nasty divorce (starting BEFORE he met me), and his Ex dragged it on for years (until my stepdaughter was 3...
My feeling was that he took it and didn't want her to know he took it. There was a distinctly sneaky feeling about it, so I don't believe he did it accidentally. : He hid it from her. I would stake my professional reputation on that particular issue. If there were any question in his mind about whether or not he had borrowed it and forgotten, he would be helping her look for it, and it would have occurred to him to check his own car.
Quote: Originally Posted by Romana9+2 Fascinating to me that you would sum it up like that. I don't know if it's universal, but it sure has been with the ones I've known, and strangely I've known a lot of them. I can think of 4 from school, several co-workers, 2 guys I dated, and various bar customers over the years. I'm sure my many moves and multiple job changes had something to do with it, meeting a transient population maybe put me in a...
I was wondering if it was a pattern for him to treat you this way? My dh was kind of irritated when I related the story, fwiw. Neither of us could understand treating your spouse in such a manner.
OT, but I wonder if migraines and getting lost have anything in common? I have chronic migraines and it's a family joke that I can get lost in a dressing room. My dh knows better than to say 'you can't miss it' because I can, and will.
Quote: Originally Posted by Livviesmom0207 What I TOTALLY don't get is how it's "safe" in HIS car but not mine? I had it hidden in my car too...so wtf. I'm not going to even do that. I'm just going to wait it out and see if he sweats the way that I have been for a MONTH. The day I asked if he took it and he said no, I was headed to a baby shower almost an hour away. I had NO idea how to get there and I even had the baby with me : I was more than half...
no idea, all I got was that he took it. : Read your update. I would print out an article on passive aggressive behavior or lying and leave it under the seat for him to find. Though I suppose that in itself would be passive aggressive.
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