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Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen Ok. Before I asked if you see any more children in our future, and also what kind of career I should go into (uh, if any). But my cat's been slowly losing weight over the past year or so and he's ... pretty thin now. He's definitely got some arthritis, but I don't think that's what is causing it. He still acts pretty perky (for his age), and will chase down the other cat, so I'm not sure what to think. Got anything...
Quote: Originally Posted by TiredX2 Am I the only one wondering who on this thread is lying about the liars they have known?
Quote: Originally Posted by coleslaw I believe Carl's most recent wife died, leaving him to be a single dad to his son. I thought she left him.
Quote: Originally Posted by LGmomma Already in the meal or separate and then just assemble later? either way. I buy big bags of shredded cheese at costco and keep in the freezer, pulling out what I need when I cook.
I freeze it all the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by EviesMom How about something that is, indeed, true, but not "You look like cr@p?" Like... "I'm glad you're so happy with your purchase!" Yeah. I try to turn it around to something like that when I'm not caught off guard, usually something along the lines of how do you like it? It's those fleeting facial expressions that sometimes give you away when you're surprised, yk? I would never actually say 'you look like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sailor I read a study somewhere (forgot where), but it said that something like 90% of all people lie. They were also counting the "white lies" though. Like when someone asks you if they look good in something, and you say "yes" even if you hate their outfit. Or you say you feel fine when you really want to go crawl under a rock and never come out again. So, I'm not surprised at the amount of more serious liars out...
Quote: Originally Posted by QueenOfTheMeadow That's alright. I'm the type that falls for those type of lies and then feels stupid when I realize I've been had! Don't you hate that?
Quote: Originally Posted by mesa My best friend was in the Marines and stationed at Camp Pendleton in Ca, and I lived in Long Beach. We used to spend a lot of time together back in the day, and she would bring all her Marine buddies with her usually...I encountered SO MANY pathological liars during that time, and they were all Marines. I don't understand that. I think certain fields may be more attractive to pathological liars because they...
Why does she know where you're interviewing? I wouldn't be telling those people anything.
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