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This was my question..... Quote: Originally Posted by gromero http://www.mothering.com/discussions...s/viewpost.gif May I ask another question? Is what my sil (dh's twin sister) doing/going through right now...is she really truly serious about it, or is she doing it for the attention? Thanks so much bigeyes!!! pm me a first name
Quote: Originally Posted by Freud Mine was: Will I be successful in my career as a psychologist? Will I stay in the same concentration (children) or branch out to other populations? I've been thinking of getting an MD as well, do you see this being a viable career move? Will I marry the man I am with now and start a family (John)? That's three questions...feel free to pick and choose which ones you'd like to answer! Thanks! VERY...
Quote: Originally Posted by tinyblackdot Here is mine My original Question was "Is it safe for DH and I to have another child?" I don't think it is. I believe there is something that makes it dangerous for you. I'm guessing a doctor has told you something at one time or another?
Quote: Originally Posted by Avani My original question was what was causing my anxiety and what would be the best route to heal it. My first impression is there is something off with your sleep, possibly an imbalance with hormones like cortisol, maybe adrenal fatigue. You might check out the adrenal fatigue thread, check out some L tryptophan, 5 HTP, melatonin, have a sleep study done, something of that nature. Lack of good restorative sleep...
Quote: Originally Posted by sweetsunshine85 Mine was: Mine was: Quote: Originally Posted by sweetsunshine85 http://www.mothering.com/discussions...s/viewpost.gif Not sure if you are taking questions right now, but I have kinda an important one. Will things work out between me and my boss or do you see me moving in a different direction? It still is relevant. Things have been rough! PM me with the boss's name, I have a couple...
Quote: Originally Posted by JustSo And the previews for next week's finale?? Dave kills MJ? Say it ain't so! Dave records a video saying why he had to kill MJ.....I'm sure he'll be thwarted after much hand wringing by Susan and worried looks from Mike. Somehow the whole thing will throw a wrench in the Mike/Catherine relationship, too, I'll bet.
wait a minute, which movie was the line about the tube top and the piggly wiggly from?
seems to me like I've seen them on craftster before, you might do a search there.
Quote: Originally Posted by sophiekat thought you might like to know . . . . I asked if i would have a third child. You said yes, but didn't know on timing. Well, guess what. : :d
Quote: Originally Posted by Juvysen I have ones from the first page that went unanswered but i'm really worried about my cat and that's one that you'd get feedback from sooner (I believe) if you're looking for that let me know and I can ask the cat question instead. give them to me and let's see which I can answer.
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