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Quote: Originally Posted by BookGoddess This is like the second or third time I've heard about burning sage. I'd like to do it but how do you do it? You get some sage leaves and you burn it in one part of the house or different parts of the house? What is the sage supposed to do? I picked up a sage stick at a Pagan store, but the only thing that worked for us was to sell the house and move. Of course, our case was a bit extreme as our...
Can I just say this thread is making me : ? I once considered NASCAR a deal breaker when dating. Guess what is the only 'sport' DH will actually watch on TV? Thank God he rarely has time. As if anything where you sit can be called a sport.
Quote: Originally Posted by UUMom Also, you're driving yourself crazy including -beard rising and resting as food prep time. Don't do that and the time seems more reasonable. True. I don't count that time because I'm doing something else while it rises.
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad Funny, we've been having good luck as of late. Only had one miscommunication and that's incredibly good for me. It's been an odd retrograde for me. I've had some miscommunications, but not as many huge blowups as usual, just smaller scale misunderstandings. And normally during a retrograde my readings suffer, but this time I've had a surge in business and I've also had some interesting hits. There...
Sounds like you're having to make more than one meal at a time, which is difficult and time consuming. Add being tired to that and I'd think it would be overwhelming.
Quote: Originally Posted by birdie22 still less work for them than i am; i always want to know how everythings cooked, and i'm always requesting things be left off the dish. My kids are pretty good at ordering now, I'm the one who always has to tell them we aren't ready yet. I always want to know what everyone else is getting before I decide. Yk, theirs might sound better.
I'm of 2 minds. I like decals, but paint is cheap. We're getting ready to do the tween/teen upgrade soon and we're going to repaint. I figure we'll be repainting again after that in a few more years. They make matte washable latex paint now, so you can wash your walls without having to settle for that shiny look, which is a big plus in my book. Our house is only 3 years old and they've somehow managed to make the areas around their light switches and doors look awful...
The only time it is rude is if the child cannot be understood or is too shy to order without a lot of face burying, pauses and coaching. Then it hinders the waitstaff from doing their job in a timely manner. Food could be cooling and tables can be filling up while you coax and prod your child to speak. It just depends on whether or not your child is ready to do this. If they're capable, and a server is being a UAV about it, then they're being rude.
We have Asian markets, I'll look there. :
Coming on the heels of the appliance fire before Thanksgiving, it was like WTH???? Both times I've caught it just before it would have caused serious damage. And then there's the thing where my dh drove the car off the cliff and came out OK as well. Somebody is watching out for us, I guess.
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