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Considering that Cochrane found that 100 people would have to be vaccinated to prevent one INCIDENCE of flu in adults, no, we don't get the flu shot.  Look into vitamin D supplementation (from natural sources where possible!) as an aid in preventing flu.
I'm in maternity at 6.5 weeks, 3rd baby.  Resistance is futile.
My DH was great about it, although I was a little shocked.  My dad on the otherhand ... he said, "Well, congratulations are in order ... I guess.  At least you guys have good jobs and won't be raising nightshift workers for the Waffle House." I am ashamed to be his daughter quite often.  :(
I've cried twice and I am only 6 weeks.  I don't remember what it was about, but it wasn't cry-worthy.
Not finding out.  Our other two were surprises also - one girl and one boy.  We don't do ultrasound or doppler either.  For both of my previous pregnancies, the name is what gives it away.  I have both times had their names "come to me," once sitting at the computer and the other time in a dream.  Then I had the hardest time figuring out what names we would use for the gender that it turned out not to be.  So we'll see.  I am already feeling girl, but I've been wrong on...
I agree, very icky.  I'm not interested in reading the blog.  I don't want to increase traffic to her site.  It's kinda like a crash ... the fewer people ogling, the smaller her (assuming it's female, which may actually be totally false) audience and impact.  And part of me wonders if bloggers like this (others, if not this particular blogger) are sock puppets.
That's really a terrible violation on the blogger's part.  I haven't seen it of course, so I don't know the whole story (as it has been recounted by the blogger, who wasn't there and can't possibly know the whole truth of what went on).  People who profit (even if just emotionally/in popularity) off of other people's pain and suffering are bottom feeders.  But what is the solution?  Should we not use online forums anymore?
Eh, I haven't seen any of the sites/blogs.  I don't know the context that they are being used.  But I am here to say, loud and clear for all the world to see, that MY CHOICE IS VALID AND LEGAL.  The childbirth-as-medical paradigm does not apply to me.  I believe that childbirth is normal.  That I don't require monitoring of my pregnancy and birth.  That I don't require anyone's permission to make decisions about my pregnancy and birth.  That NO ONE can control an outcome...
Not doing anything except listening and staying in tune with myself.  I took Bradley with my first, half-attempted Hypnobabies with my second.  First was a midwife-attended homebirth, second was UC.  This time will be UC.  But I've been studying birth for a long time.
I didn't POAS this time.  I just this morning got my 21st raised temperature after ovulation, which supposedly puts you at 99% chance of being pregnant.  But I was having about 7-day luteal phases postpartum, so by about day 12 I knew I was most likely pregnant.  I did have to go in last Friday to get a blood test for my job/insurance.   Next time I won't do any of that.
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