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Another thought...my partner is a tattoo artist and I've been dying to finish the one we started a month before I got pg. One of the reasons they don't tattoo pg women is because the tattoo causes stress on the body. Your body reacts as it would to an injury, and it isn't good to do while pg...obviously. The same holds true for BF'ing. I'm very tempted to go ahead and finish mine, but I'm afraid my body's response might cause my milk supply to decrease of dry out...
I was also told that anything under 100 is fine (99 underarm). We got to 98.8 one night that he was fussy. I took off his onesie and we hung out in our undies for a while, and all was fine within an hour or so when I took his temp again. In fact, when I feel he is warm, he's always been in the 98 range.
Our boy is definitely smiling at us. In fact, we know exactly what makes him smile and can make him smile "on demand", so to speak. It started when he was 3 weeks old and we doubted it. But it hasn't stopped...only gotten more regular. Believe it...I'm sure she is smiling.
12 days, bleeding very lightly.
Finally able to post, but not able to get into birth story now (as per usual). Everyone is happy and healthy...thanks for rooting me along. I was thinking of you ladies so often... Zane Ryan Wide awake More to come...
This is Juli's brother. She's still laboring. As of 6 pm she was 4 cm. It's quarter to 11 now, baby was showing signs of distress (decels) during contractions, but is behaving now. Waiting on doc to check on her any minute. Will try to update again soon.
Okay, so it is most definitely my "water". Contractions are starting and I simply cannot sleep. I know you girls understand....lol. The contrax are too strong and my mind is going 100 miles a second...so, we're up. We're doing last minute things, then headed to the hospital. This will likely be my last post until we get home. Yeehaww!!! Here we gooooo...........
Hospital...hoped to labor at home as long as possible though. But I'm not having contractions. Should I text my doula? It's 2am here.
OMG, did it just break? I was sleeping and all of a sudden I felt a warm sensation and it woke me up. Before I could get up, I was soaked...and I didn't have a peeing type of sensation or anything. So I went to the bathroom and peed and smelled my shorts to see if it smelled like pee. It didn't smell at all...well, it was a very different mild smell, but not urine. I went back to the bedroom to make sure the bed wasn't soaked, but just the edge where I slid off was...
I got those same formula samples too...'cept the difference with me is that DP and family insisted I keep it in the event I can't breastfeed. It's in the back of the cabinet. Also, I always open things like that and see what other free gifts they might have included, like bags, etc. (as long as their logo isn't plastered all over the outside) hee hee
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