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I did not know the aereola secrete fluid that sterilizes the nipple...guess I need to take another look at my breastfeeding book! Where can I read up on this whole sterilization thing...I am very intrigued! This breastfeeding gets better and better I think the doctor felt as though Savanna would nurse, then immediately the new babe would nurse and that is how all the sickness would be passed around....swapping saliva. Sadly enough, being military overseas, we...
Hi mommas. I don't get on the computer much these days but am hoping to find some suggestions and feedback. My dd is about 29 months and has recently been diagnosed with Rota Virus. Let me just say, I am tempted to keep her out of our church nursery, as this is my guess of where she picked this up. I don't know much about this virus other than it had left her terribly dehydrated and lethargic but we are on the upside of it now. Anyway, while visting her doctor, it...
Thanks mommas. I have six prorap newborn and I am second guessing myself as I am a fan of the bumpy. I here litewraps are a lot like bumpys; have ya'll tried them??? ~Tricia
Looking for some covers to go over Kissaluvs and prefolds. Just wondering if these have the cut out notch for newborns???? TIA! ~Tricia
What about covers for these? Proraps are the only ones I know of to have the umbilical cord notched out but I remember I didn't care for these on our first child; although we didn't start using cloth until she was 4 months. I really liked the Bumpy on her when she was younger. Thanks for your answers, it sounds like I might lean toward the kissaluvs then. ~tricia
I have looked through the archives (mind you we can only connect at 64; extremely slow) and seem to find a lot on the actual snappi but I want to know about the snappi fitted diaper. Has anyone used these? I am trying to decide between the Snappi and Kissaluvs for a newborn. Also, what cover did you like best for these? Babe is due in five weeks, so I need to get my order in ( I live in Germany, extra shipping time!), and get these little things washed. Thanks...
Oh wonderful! So economical too. I was thinking of prefolds with a snappi but didn't know if this really worked. Thanks!
Number two will be here in less than 2 months...eek! Help! I spent so much money with my first child, trying this and trying that and wish to not go down that road again. It has also been almost 2.5 years since diapering a new bottom, so I know new and better options are out. So please tell me what options do I have that will truly hold in the bf poop. TIA!
Quote: Originally Posted by Alison We're using Bummis super whisper wraps right now, and enjoying them. I'm hoping now that I've "refreshed" this thread, I'll get more ideas for covers to try with trifolded prefolds. It's just so easy, but I've only tried with Bummis, and I'd like to try some others just to make sure I've got the best fit. Alison Hey Alison, I know exactly what you mean; there is always room for improvement! I did...
Perfect. I will have to order some. Thanks so much for your help! It's always nice to get some BTDT suggestions!
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