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I read the tag line and wrote a little ditty.... Dear Madame or Sir: I am just writing to let you know I found Sam Trapani's opening lines in her "Great expectations for preschool" a bit misleading. She said, "When a child is born a parent immediately begins a mental checklist of things they need: diapers, formula, application for pre-school...". Formula should definitely NOT be included in that list. My son is 18 months old now and has never had a drop of formula....
Wow, I still can't believe it was you. Total small world. We don't get over to the East Bay very often (we live in Marin County). Occasionally Ikea or the Berkeley Habitot but I'll keep my eye open for you just in case! I'll pm you my pic just in case you might have seen me, too.
Yes, I have a subscription! I really look forward to it arriving and wish that it came every month. It feeds my soul, refreshes my parenting comittment, and just plain brings me great joy
Outrageous! I'm sorry this happened, caynasmom. Good luck at the nurse-in. Have you contacted all your area La Leche Leagues? Midwives? Doulas? I hope lots of moms show up. Walmart sucks.
ok, this is really weird but I may have seen you there! The Emeryville one, right? Were you there in the evening on Saturday, around 7pm or so? We were walking through the kitchen table/chairs area and I saw a woman with a baby in a sling (I checked your pic link and it looked like you..) talking with another couple with a baby in a Bjorn? The other baby may have been worn (or held?) by his dad (a tall guy). The only reason this woman stood out for me is because the...
After 18 months of ecological breastfeeding, AF returned! I feel bittersweet about it. It was a nice 27+ month hiatus but also nice to know that my body remembers how to ovulate (just in case we go for #3 sometime down the road ) And it was exactly 14 days after the ewcm showed up so it looks like I'm jumping right back into my nice 28 day cycles. It's great to hear everyone's updates
: Have you seen this? http://www.santafenewmexican.com/mai...SectionID=&S=1 They did reverse their decision, but still... http://santafenewmexican.com/main.as...bSectionID=359
I'm in! Last night at Ikea my 18 month old was calling for his baba's so I plopped down in front of the long Returns line ready to make my statement (lol!) but he was too distracted to nurse....oh, well. At least lots of people saw me settle him in and offer the breast. We'll keep trying
I've seen it, too. At first I thought it was suspect but then when she opens the door and says "Mommy's Home" I thought it was adorable.
Welcome back, everyone! It seems much faster
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