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I'm not a fan of Dooce, but this post (linked from here; thanks Bearsmama) helped me make a call I was having a lot of trouble making. As of this evening, I'm on Valium and Prozac.
In my experience, yes. It's just something I can't talk about it -- besides all my other interests.
Awww, they're so sweet -- and yet... Mine, who is 25 mo, had me going yesterday, too. I started to cry over something silly, and she said, "Mama sad? Hug mama? Gentle." And she stroked my arm and kissed my face and hugged me. She did that once last summer and I still have the image of it in my mind, always will I hope.
Ok, just sent off two PMs with recipes. Cathe Olson (not sure if she's still here on MDC) has some really nice snack recipes as well. Her blog is here: http://catheolson.blogspot.com/
Same thing going on over here. I do not recommend cutting the nap out, as she will just be overtired and cranky -- and still stay up to 11 (tried it ). It's hard here because she has an older sister (7) in her bedroom. Dd1 has to get up at 7 to go to school. Anyway, here are some things that have worked: (Sometimes I'll move dd1 to the living room or my room if I think 2 yo is going to get too loud.) Lights off at 9. No screens on. No stimulation. (this alone...
I use Dr. Fuhrman's recipes. My girls love all of them. I'm not sure which I can list here, so if you want some recipes just PM me. (lots of oats, nuts, dates, bananas as the fat, etc.). My 7 yo dd came up with apple slices shaken in a bag with cinnamon, then baked until just tender.
My dd1 was 3 when she met a boy at a Swiss National Day party. He lived in another country, so that day was the only time she saw him that year. She talked about him, off and on, all year. The next time she saw him was at the same party the following year. Then another year went by. The last time she saw him, at the same party, was when she was 5. And still, two years later, a couple of times a year, she will talk about him or write his name in her notebook. She...
This is the third Christmas in a row that my 7 1/2 yo dd1 has asked Santa for a Game Boy. I truly admire her persistence -- with no whining or asking during the rest of the year. However, I just can't do it. Dd1 has an obsessive side, and I just can't deal with the idea of her sitting around playing this thing. She doesn't watch TV, views an occasional film, and has "computer day" on Monday and Friday afternoons for about an hour. This works very well for us. I am...
I would go to the British Council and see if you can't subscribe to magazines like Story Box or Adventure Box. I have found that the US has a very limited selection of comic books for kids. It's frustrating. Fortunately, we can feed off the incredibly vibrant comic book industry in France.
Privet! Quote: Maybe I'm just fretting and projecting. That was my thought, honestly. Why test the 5 yo? Why not just give him what he needs/wants when he asks for it? I dunno. I know they're good at teaching math in the CIS, so I would just tell myself that 7 yo learned it so well he became an effective teacher for 5 yo. And I totally agree with carmel23. Those are some wise words, mama!
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