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Hello,   May I gently state that I did not ask for your advice? And I do not blame my child for this but feel she needs help to overcome the wounds. Also, she has been given the choice to unschool next year or continue.  For now, she has chosen to continue.  If this thread becomes the usual MDC discussion, I will ask to pull it off the boards.          
Sounds just like my ten year-old.   She needs a lot of repetition, a lot of follow-up and guidance.  Bathing is just not a priority.  For example, yesterday we got home from a three-day trip in the forest and when I suggested she take a bath she replied, "Do I need to?"  Mosquitoes, dirt, grass, lake water...yes, you probably should, my child.   I have finally got her to be able to list her morning routine (wash face, brush teeth, brush hair).  It takes...
Hello,   I have an 11 year-old daughter who is very quiet and shy but also extremely intuitive about others feelings, fairly responsible and generally very kind to others.  She's a great big sister now too -- after a rocky start. Plus, she does very well in school because she has a superhuman interest in learning! :-) But she gets bullied at school.  How can I help her?   (edited for TMI)  
Good questions to ask:   " Sometimes I find myself imagining that if these things were different, your death might not have really happened. " " I can physically feel the pain of your death, and this is where and how I feel it in my body. " " Here is a drawing of what my pain looks like…" " This is what I would write on your tombstone so that everyone who would read it would have an idea of the person you were. " " I often wear a mask to hide what I am really...
Is the pain in my chest a recurrence/metastasis of cancer or is it stress?   Thank you.
Is there a thread with blogs by our unschooling kids? Also, I love Wonder Rotunda as an alternative to Club Penguin.
(blog mentioned here no longer exists)
How nice, Amcal. Thank you! I think I finally found it, just by reading about chemo instead of searching on the "one lymph node" phrase: "Chemotherapy is almost always recommended if the lymph nodes are involved, regardless of the size of the tumor or menopausal status."
Hello, My mom was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer a few weeks ago. The tumor was tiny, so doc recommended lumpectomy and radiation (mom didn't want chemo because she lives alone). So she had the lumpectomy last week. AOK, surrounding tissue clean, etc. However, she had 1 lymph node with cancerous cells. I can't seem to understand -- and she doesn't have her appt until Monday and failed to ask on the phone -- if this means chemo necessary. I get the whole...
CariofOz -- What you did was great! I would often trigger my dh into a state of "I must take over now" when I would storm into our bedroom and say, "I'm done!" Finally, I explained to him that 10 mins is all I ever need to be able to go back and be gentle and peaceful. As for Scott Noelle (Daily Groove), I finally unsubbed. I had been subscribed since the beginning and started to get really tired of repeats. When he started his pay group he started to send out...
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