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Oh yeah, I've taken this attitude to the extreme (thinking of dusty floors and the refigerator and oven that need to be cleaned). We're just sittin' around reading books this morning.
No, we're abroad and there are no clubs in our current country nor in the one we're moving to this summer. Although, the city we're moving to is smaller and we may have more contact with English-speaking expats, so we could start a group.
Dd1 (7 1/2) told me yesterday that she'd like to join an "English-speaking club about nature, the environment, and protecting animals (endangered species)." She already gets three nature magazines (two in French, one in British English) and none of them sponsors a club. I looked at Roots & Shoots, but it doesn't seem very interesting unless one can set up a group, which is not possible right now for us. But you are welcome to say, "no, it's fun even online or to get a...
Yep, my dd1 will be 8 in a couple of months. : I'm so stuck at the Kindergarten stage with her! She's a really, really wonderful kid, though. I just miss the littleness. But I'm also in love with where she's going.
I'm sure you can just Google child development 2 year-olds. It's just that there are charts all over the place. I practice silence with my 27 mo. It's interesting to her and it gives her time to figure out just what it is she wants. Children are naturally cooperative; if we let them be.
Does anyone have a favorite online retailer of yoga clothing? I love E-shatki And I love the prices. I can't pay 50 bucks for yoga pants. But, I'm going to a retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in MA, and I'm afraid I might be too cold in these outfits. I guess, maybe, I should just buy a hoodie or two. Anyone have links?
Dd2 is 27 mos. We've been using the potty forever, but I still have to direct her to it about every 2 hours. For the last 2 days, every time she pees in the potty she exclaims, "I told you!" Ooops!
We're expats, too. I just explained to my oldest who he is, what the day is, the things that he did; and then we read his "I have a dream" speech. We also touched on other important figures whom he resembled. Quote: I personally do not understand the American tradition of celebrating every single major event in US history or every single major historical figure in US history. Well, I think, in the case of Martin Luther King Jr., if we didn't have...
My 7 1/2 yo dd said to me last night, "Mama, something is upsetting me. When I give daddy lots of loving I'm afraid it makes you jealous." I was like, "No way! It makes me so happy to see you two happy together." Try not to worry. It's totally healthy and normal. And like the pp said, "They all come back."
Quote: walking away part is tough since that's what she *wants* me to do. Not really, probably. If mine says "go away" I go, silently (unless she says it during a full-blown tantrum, during which I just sit as silently as possible, but always stay close). She always runs after me. And I point out that she said, "go away."
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