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Mine (27 mos on Mon) just got over a stage a bit like this. I just told her, calmly, "You may not talk to me like that." "You have no right to treat me like this." Or "Gentle talk, please." And if she continued, I simply walked away. It didn't take long for her to get over it. This morning she was a little bit rude to her daddy. After daddy left ('cause he won't take it, either), I asked dd why she was angry and dd replied, "I go say sorry." And she did!
Quote: I wish that I could take back every angry word I've uttered, every moment I yelled, those times I hit. Really? But if your kids grew so much it's because they watched you grow so much! I think there was a 40-year study on resilience. The subjects were Harvard students. The kids who had perfect homes, no yelling, etc. were much less able to deal with all the curves life throw you. They took little things and blew them up into huge deals...
I totally agree with Laoxinot. Jackson'sMama, the best thing you can do is drop all these expectations you have of yourself and find your own parenting style. I followed TCS (Taking Your Child Seriously) for years with dd1. At first, I started out thinking I could never be firm, never allow dd to get angry or cry over anything, lest I damage her. The more I read, the more I understood non-coercive parenting and how it doesn't mean your child is in charge and that you...
They use those in orphanages in some countries. Get all the babies (pre-sitting, too) to go at the same time every day.
Somehow you've got to figure out what the underlying need/emotion is. It ain't easy. But once you find it/them, your life will be easier. Ask lots of questions; when you hit on it, he'll let you know, I think. My dd1 used to pinch dd2; it took me awhile but I figured out that it had everything to do with my interactions with dd2. When I asked her, she let out a deep sigh of relief and never did it again. Obedience from a 3 year-old is a lot to ask. He needs your...
Yeah, my mom didn't have witholding problems. Grandmother gave her a laxative and made mom sit on the toilets, sometimes for up to an hour or longer, until she passed a bm. She wasn't abusive in any other way, just not a good mother.
Yep, went through this hell with my now 7 1/2 yo no-problems-wonderful dd1. (edited to add: she hit only me) We talked a lot about emotions and what were the underlying emotions behind the hitting. She really needed to learn these words and the skill of identifying the problem. We also did some impulse control exercises, which now I don't really remember. One was given me by an online friend; it was something about having the two hands talk to each other. I can't...
I went directly to the principal last year when my dd was being bullied. He fired some people and implemented some changes this year (teachers, not underqualified women sitting around chatting, are with the kids at all times during recess). Haven't had any problems this year (except a case of outright racism towards my dd's classmate/crush that is really bugging me, bigtime).
My grandmother did that to my mom. Mom's still traumatized by it.
I have 5 pages of favorite sellers. Here are some more (all clothes for kids and all too expensive for me ): Dame Star Baby Sweet Thing Designs Dress Me Monkey & Me
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