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Years ago, I had a guy in the cubicle in front of mine who had the sniffles -- constantly. Tissue-use, I find, is pretty rare. So one day I made a huge coughing nose while muttering "blow your nose!" and tossed a package of tissues over our wall. :LOL How rude was that? But it was driving me insane. Sniffling drives me batty.
Quote: She wasn't a paramedic, though. I was actually coming to post a "Remember When?" about this. For some reason, I got that she was off-duty. Anyway, I remember the letter she wrote to the woman's dh and ds (baby was like 4 months at the time and survived the crash). It was so touching. It took me a long, long time to get that story off my mind.
I've done trips that long. Like I said, the one time I stopped over for the night (including a 3-hour bus ride to my accommodation due to traffic jam), it was hell the next day. I guess my dd (3 at the time) just did not want to get back on a plane again. She screamed and cried for the first 5-hour leg of that day (I had Japanese dudes in total amazement at her antics). The second leg (7 hours) was better, but those 5 hours were really awful and etched in my mind...
I thought she was a paramedic. Didn't she once post about a terrible accident she had witnessed and how she had shared that mama's last minutes (she had a little baby in the car). Am I totally off? In any case, I'm shocked. It's terrible how many mamas we've lost around here lately. It's so sad. I'm very sorry for the dh and the girls -- and for all the MDC mamas who lost a friend, again.
Katinkapinka I have two of her skirts; love them for Spring and Summer Circular Accessories CourtneyCourtney BabyGoRetro...so cute, but way too expensive for this kid thrifter BonBon Nice PS My favorite way to find favorites is to find a shop I like and visit their favorites.
I've done way too many flights like this. I would advise not to stopover for the night. The one time I did that it was pure hell the next day (5+7 hour flights). Both my pretty difficult kids have been easy flyers at that age. So there's some hope for you.
No sippy. Just a plain ol' glass since she was about a year.
Sorry if I sounded gruff.
Quote: You'll get there ... you have such a clear, doable path, Mama. The universe is listening! You can do it! ps. Thanks for the words of support. Thanks for the encouragement! And no thanks needed for me. That river image tore my heart open!
: To be frank, I think if one is worried about travelling one has not done his or her homework. I would no more go blindly into a doctor's office and let him or her vax my child than I would NOT vax my child without have obtained ALL of the information needed to live my life without worry.
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